Caged Cover Sneak Peek #2 #HollowayPack

Did you see my blog post from Sunday?

Cool, then you’ll know I’ll be sharing a tiny piece from my Caged cover each day for the entirety of this week.

And today is day #2.

So here’s your second peek:

Ooh, what do we think that could be then?

See you tomorrow. Same time. Same place.


Check out the other peeks:



8 thoughts on “Caged Cover Sneak Peek #2 #HollowayPack

  1. Oh my, a hot man is hiding there. I’m drooling. Come on…just a little to the right…*holds mouse key down and scrolls*…come on…come on…*mouse bangs on desk*…dang it…why won’t it scroll more to the right! Ugh!!!! Dang you, Ms. Belfield!

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