Ethan Holloway Is Coming to Town!

Yep, the time is creeping ever closer to when I will get to share the cover for Caged: Holloway Pack 3 and I am very jiggety jabbety excited about it.

I’m also jiggety jabbety impatient.

And because I’m impatient, I realised I had little control over my actions when I decided I would be my usual naughty self.


My cover and blurb reveal for Caged is scheduled to go live on Monday 21st.

Well … I don’t want to wait quite that long.


However, if I go and slam up my cover prior to the 21st, chances are I’ll be in a whole lotta trouble with my publisher.

So, I’m cheating.


Just like I did when I revealed my Blue Moon cover, I’ve decided to tease you with a little snippet each day.

So for the next 7 days (Mon-Sun), I shall be exposing a tiny piece of Ethan the cover for Caged.

I hope you’ll stop by to take part in the fun.

I also hope you’ll love this cover as much as I do.

Because I believe this just may be my favourite Holloway Pack cover to date.

See you tomorrow.


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