Author Love: Terri Rochenski

MASSIVE welcome to my fellow Make Believe author, Terri.

Having known Terri (in a virtual sense) for longer than we’ve teamed for the antho, I’m muchero excited to have her on my blog.

So, Terri, what can you tell us about the book that the blurb doesn’t tell us? Preferably without giving the entire plot away?

The basis of this story actually comes from the Bible. I had an idea stewing in my brain and I shared it with my mother. She’s my biggest spring board. When I shared the story, she said it reminded her of a story in the Old Testament. I looked it up & BAM. Muse ran away.

So all that to say this … while not meant in ANY way to be a Bible story or a preaching devise, this story is about your parents, honouring them, and obedience leading to fulfilled dreams.

Love when bouncing off someone helps stir the brainpot.

Where did the idea for your hero come from? Is he based on anyone tangible?

My idea for Alesuela came from the daughter of Jephthah in the book of Judges. After my mother shared his story with me, I thought about what his daughter must have experienced – her emotional turmoil – especially at a time when young women didn’t have the option to rebel against their fathers’ decrees.

Your mother sounds like a great person to collaborate with. 🙂

Which do you prefer: daydreams or nightdreams? And what is your most lucid dream to date (please keep it clean—ha!)?

I’m a daydreamer. I do it ALL the time. It’s where my stories come from. I don’t daydream about my life, but in 3rd person in other worlds. I’m truly a fantasy fan.

Have you ever read a book more than once? If so, what was it?

OH yeah. Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series (the WHOLE thing) at least 5 times. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series a few times more than Goodkind’s.  Sad I know. The Little House on the Prairie collection I read till they fell apart. Literally.

And onto some randomness:

Plotter or panster?

Plotter, big time. Keeps me from actually putting the story on paper more often than not. *shame face* The only stories I don’t plot to death are flash pieces.

Steak: rare or well-done—how do you like your meat?

Medium please. Nice and warm, yet still pink and juicy. Thanks. Now I’m hungry.


Ice cream … or fresh cream?

Two words: Moose Tracks. *drooling*

Here, have a tissue. Ha! *Makes note to Google Moose Tracks*

Pizza toppings: the entire works … or the plainer the better?

What kind of questions are these?!?!?!?!? I’m seriously hungry right now …


Mushroom and pepperoni in all its greasy gloriousness. Is gloriousness a word??? It should be.

Love pepperoni. Mushrooms, not so much.

Cats or dogs?

Uh … neither. I have 2 cats, though, which I wish I didn’t. There’s cat hair EVERYWHERE. Can’t stand it.  Dogs are too much work. It’s like having a child that never grows up. NO thank you!

And finally … in no more than three sentences, tell us why we should read your story? What about it will grip us by the shirt scruffs and drag us along for the ride?

Imagine being sentenced to death. Now imagine the one who unknowingly did so was your adored father. Obey, or sentence him to death in your stead.

Wow! Sounds pretty intense. Let’s take a look at Terri’s blurb for Sacrificial Oath:

An impetuous act unwittingly makes Alesuela the fulfillment of the Sovereign’s Blood Oath to their Goddess. In five days, she’ll be forced to make the greatest choice of her life: become the virginal sacrifice already promised, or force the man she loves most to die in her place.

With an impossible choice in front of her, she searches for ways to undo the oath, and in her quest, finds not everything in her life is as she expects.

Sounds cool, eh?

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to catch up with Terri on Twitter, Facebook, or her Blog, and say Hi! 

Don’t forget to call back tomorrow for a ‘chat’ with J. Keller Ford. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Author Love: Terri Rochenski

  1. Great interview. So neat you got the idea from the Bible, Terri. I think it’s one of the most overlooked books to get ideas from. Let’s face it. The Bible is the ultimate book, filled with greed, murder, adultry, spiritualism, war, sacrifice, love, hate, jealousy, ghosts, paranormal, strange phenomenon…the book rocks. I’m sure it holds a lot more secrets to future stories. I read a great book a couple of years ago based on the minor Biblical character, Dinah, daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph. It was called The Red Tent.and I highly recommend it to my gal friends. Not religious at all. Pretty much it’s about the friendship between several women during Biblical times and their gathering in the Red Tent where women went during that time of the month or to give birth. There’s seduction, jealousy, love, hate, all the feelings women go through with their men. So worth the read.

  2. mmm! pepperoni and mushroom, my Hubs’ favorite, *while Kelly picks off the ‘shrooms* hehehe! Oh! And just FYI, I see your pretty pic on my wordpress login. 🙂 What a lovely interview and a great summation of your story! 😀

  3. Sorry I missed this interview yesterday. (It was a hectic day with little time spent on the computer.) I did enjoy reading and learning more about you, Terri. I loved your story, by the way. I was breathless, wondering what was going to happen to Alesuela after her blunder. Interesting that your main story idea came from the bible. I wouldn’t have guessed it because, like you said, it wasn’t preachy at all. Good luck with the tour! 🙂

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