nano bumOkay, it’s the last day of November, which means it’s the last day of NaNoWriMo and this bird has crashed and burned.

Big stylee!

You may recall that at the beginning of the month, I was kinda keeping up, only behind by a few hundred words, not concerned in the slightest about finishing ….

Yeah, that was before I fell ill. And when I say ill, I mean ill. Because the Mini-Me kindly shared her viral infection, and I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so slamdunked by one before. I mean, dude, I slept (what felt like) permanently for pretty much two weeks. Felt like I had narcolepsy, or something, ya know. Most days, I didn’t even get around to switching my laptop on, and ended up staying in touch using my mobile, because the screen hurt my head, hurt my eyes. Three weeks on, and I’m still trying to shake off the tenacious cough and the horrible and random swelling which keeps happening to my throat and the only way to tamp it down is by gargling on tea tree oil.

And damn, this blog post feels like I’m downright feeling sorry for myself. Well, okay, I was when I just kept passing out and Mr B thought he’d married a coma patient, but now I’m just kinda mad that it f****d with my plans. Because I had two editing jobs I’d taken on right before NaNo started, too, which meant that those have had to take priority (they had/have deadlines, after all) over getting back into the writing saddle now my head has quit wobbly at every opportunity.

So, no, I didn’t ‘win’ at NaNo. I pretty much crashed and burned (see word count in sidebar) with engines flailing and sputtering and a whole big-a$$ explosion on hitting enough dirt it all sprayed up my nostrils and clogged my sorry hide (too much?).

However, I’m officially making December and January MINE! They are MY MONTHS! And I shall be getting back into writing just as soon as I have my last editing job packaged and sealed and sent back to its creator. Holloway Pack 4 will be written even if I have to freakin’ well grab a voice program to do it!

Okay, forget about my crappy result. How did everyone else get on? I noticed a few of my buddies absolutely SMASHED it! Spill the beans.

Oh, and if you like, you can head over to Bookaholics Book Club today, where I’m guest posting for UK Appreciation Month about my favourite UK music and you can enter for a chance to win Darkness & Light. 😀

Happy Friday, folks.


13 thoughts on “CRASH & BURN! #NaNo

  1. So sorry, I knew you’d been poorly but not as much as THAT!! Just get better at your own speed; take the editing gently 🙂 and there’s always a ‘next time’ for NaNoWriMo *hugs*

  2. Dang. Didn’t realize you were THAT sick!!!

    I too crashed & burned with Nano. ‘Course mine was for a good reason. Pretty sure you know it. 😉 Glad to hear you’re taking a few months to yourself. Get writing already! I want that next book!

  3. Um…you made me feel better about my potential fail too? Jeez, Julie. :O I remember getting something that all I did was sleep and it was viral. Very irriating. Remember, NaNo is a springboard. Isn’t the better thing to get something published anyways? 😉

  4. I did okay, but to make it to my word count beat 50k I rewrote a few scenes. I don’t think it’s cheating but the story was over and the word count was too low. Any way I made it.

    I think the more skilled a writer you are, the harder it is to meet the word count. I’m dreading next year. I’m not that skilled but I”m gonna need a plan. 🙂

    1. Don’t matter if they’re first writes or rewrites. It all counts. Congrats, lady. 😀

      Though I dunno about the more skilled bit, LOL. I think it’s just coz I have some weird OCD when it comes to writing that doesn’t allow me to pound out the words due to wanting to analyse every word choice. 😉

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