#NaNoWriMo Check-In #2

Good (Sunday) afternoon, and welcome to my second check-in post for the marvellous NaNo month of November.

Last week, if you recall, I’d managed to stay on track after a slightly rocky beginning.

This week ….

Yeah, that dive-bomb sound you hear, followed by explosions?

That’ll be me and my pretty unimpressive progress.

So, how did I do, you ask?

Well, before I tell you that, let me just take a mo to fill you with my pathetic excuses reasons as to why I haven’t met the mark.

1) My doc gave me some new meds to try, which I started taking on the first day of NaNo. By day three, tiredness (one of the side effects) kicked in. By day 5, I’d turned into the walking dead. By yesterday, Mr B was living with a coma patient who pretty much only replied to any questions with grunts. Needless to say, it finally clicked yesterday that it was the meds making me feel so exhausted and not the excuse reason I come up with for number 2, so I’ve stopped taking them. Let’s see if the situation picks up.

2) On Wednesday, Mr B came home with the Christmas present we’d decided to buy us all as a family. Said Christmas happens to be a puppy. Said puppy is like having a newborn baby in the house and a night-time sleep/cuddle/pee/play/sleep routine has had to be established. A routine also had to be figured out for the daytime, so I could have my hands free for periods of time instead of feeling the need to cuddle this bundle of beautimous joy 24/7. O_o I’m getting there. This, too, should be getting better over the upcoming days.

3) ………………….. Um, yeah, I don’t really have a reason #3. :\

So, all these pathetic excuses reasons aside, how did I do?

Well, when I checked in last week, my count was at 5464, with the rest of the day ahead of me.

At the end of day 11, it should be 18337.

In reality, at the end of day 11, my word count is actually: 13574.

Which means:

1) since last week, I’ve added 8110 words to my NaNo count


2) I’m now 4763 words behind.

But I’m not beat yet.

I’m gonna keep on keeping on.

And I’ll let y’all know next week how that’s working out for me.

So, how’s everyone else doing?


4 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Check-In #2

  1. I know how you feel. I’m way behind, thanks to getting stuck in New York City recently. I’m only at 9,000 words right now. But I’ll get there eventually. Good luck with your novel!

    1. Oh goodness. I hope you didn’t get too badly effected by the disaster over there.
      And 9k is pretty good. Just keep going and we can’t go wrong. Good luck with yours, too, and thank you so much for stopping by and the encouragement. 🙂

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