Meet Lunar, the Lune (or is that Loon) of the Belfield’s!

WARNING: Today’s blog post will most likely include a mishmash of random blathering amongst pictures containing cuteness galore.

You have been warned!

Let me start by taking a moment to pay my respects to Lil-Lu.

Li-Lu was our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and she very sadly passed about a few weeks ago at age 10 & ½. To say I was devastated was an understatement. At the time, both I and Mr B decided no way were we ready to have another pooch yet. And we even talked about altering up our favoured breed when we did. But what we hadn’t taken into account was the ‘emptiness’.

If you’ve never had a dog in your life, I’ll understand if you don’t get this. If you have had a dog in your life you will get this straight away.

You see, Mr B & I have lived in our home since November of 1993 when we bought it together. By early January of 1994, we had our first dog. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A year later we added a mongrel to the household. And soon after that, our pooch count went up to three. In the summer of 2002, we only had the Staffie left. Her name was Zoe. At that point, Zoe was 9 1/2, and she seemed a little doddery on her legs. Well, me being me, I couldn’t bear the thought of being without a pooch. I also couldn’t bear the thought of trying to ‘replace’ Zoe and the new doggie not living up to the standard set by her predecessor. I figured it would be easier if we had a dog already who had won us over in her own right. So when I went out to a friend’s house one day, whose dog just happened to have had pups that were ready to leave, I kinda turned up back home with a pup in tow and a ‘Ta-da! Guess what I bought?’ greeting to my man. (He is a very understanding bloke. *nods head* which is probably just as well).

So, as you’re probably guessing, the new pup was Li-Lu. Having a pup in the house seemed to add life to old doddery Zoe, and she went on to run about the garden with her new friend and went on to live another few years. Having Li-Lu there at the time made her death—whilst it hurt like hell—a little easier to bear.

We didn’t have that luxury this time around. To make matters worse, our decision to not get a new pooch right away didn’t seem to be working out. Because dogs create such a presence when they live with you, they become a piece to your puzzle, a part of your team … when they’re not there anymore, a huge gap is created. One that doesn’t belong there. And one that your heart yearns to fill.

So, we gave in.

Yesterday evening, Mr B came home with our new family member. Her name is Lunar (I’m sure you can figure out where the inspiration came from 😉 ). She is another Staffie. And I’d like to introduce her to you. See below. 🙂

This is how she looked at me when introduced. Not sure she was too impressed. Don’t worry, though, I’m kinda growing on her. 😉

Yeah, this is her trying to convince my pillows are her pillows. Will be needing to set her straight on that one. O_o

Ah, yes, in her own bed. And we thought it looked way too small when we bought it. Silly us. 😉

This one was actually taken with her in my lap. I’m hoping she kinda likes to sleep there, you know, with it getting kinda chilly and all–I could use a hot water bottle. :pCan I just get an Aaawwwwww?

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve been a bit snap happy with the camera (and trust when I say I didn’t post all of them), but she’s worth the airtime, right?

So this is Lunar? How about you guys? You have any special creatures in your lives?


22 thoughts on “Meet Lunar, the Lune (or is that Loon) of the Belfield’s!

  1. OMG! Can you say too damn cute???? Look at her. Precious. I can smell her little puppy breath and feel the sharpness of those little puppy teeth. but who can resist the sweet little licks on the nose and the high pitch puppy yap, and as for your pillows, Julie? Forget it. They’re hers. 🙂 She’s got you trained already. Big hugs to your new addition. She’s perfect.

  2. 😀 eeee!!! puppy! 😀 ohhhhh! rub the soft spot between her eyes and give her smoochies from me. oh, and wub her wittle belly, too! 😀 she is so precious!! I’m in ❤ 😀

  3. First I wanna say I’m soooo sorry… There are never enough words. As a vet tech, I’m always heart broken when death occurs to a patient but I know they appreciate my “sorry”‘s even if I know it doesn’t help. Now as an animal lover I understand what you describe when you say they created a finished puzzle. They are the constant happiness in my life. As an animal owner, I have a zoo hahahaha I have 3 dogs, 5 cats- those are in the house lol- cattle, horses and sometimes pigs 🙂 I happen to live on a literal farm 🙂 I also have a semi permenant house guest of a dog- she’s staying with me for a few months 🙂 if I could afford it, I promise I’d have more! Lastly, I wanna say congratulations. First on the new puppy- YAY!! But second- THANK YOU!!! A million times! Because you picked a bully breed. As an advocate I’m so glad you know that bully breeds have a bad rep from humans. If I weren’t a huge fan of your books already, I’d be one now!! 🙂 may she bring many happy times to you and yours!! 🙂

    1. Aww, bless you. And goodness, you do have a few pets, lol. If I’m honest, I wasn’t a fan of Staffies to begin, but when I said I wanted a dog allllllllll those years ago, Mr B would only agree to a Staffie as he’s a little afraid of bigger dogs. I’ve never regretted going with that breed. They are awesome with kids–a great family pet. I think most times a pet becomes a problem, it’s either because a) they’re simply not being brought up/trained correctly, or b) you might just have to accept you aren’t the right owner for them. 🙂

      1. That’s so PERFECTLY SAID!! 🙂 and I have 2 big dogs and a medium one hahaha I think my cats would eat a little on LOL 🙂 I think your my new hero! I just adore you!

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