#NaNoWriMo Check-In #1

My first check-in for NaNo is coming with fairly decent results. Especially considering I didn’t get off to a very good start thanks to my head doing some weird wobbly s**t and my body doing a whole lot of leaning to the side (or that’s how it felt anyhoo). But for some reason, I had a half decent day Friday, where I caught up my lacking word count, and I had a nearly decent day yesterday, where I hit my word count by early afternoon instead of at bedtime. 😉

Below are my stats:







1 1667 1332 1332
2 1667 2122 3454
3 1667 2010 5464
4 1667 ………

You’ll note day 4’s words written has been left blank. Well, that’s because day 4 is today and I’ve spent the day with my lovely Mr B, perusing stores and eating cakes, and doing stuff we don’t get to do on our own often enough. But I still have a few hours of my day left in which I shall endeavour to rectify my (so far) zero words, so I’m not worried. And remember, folks, every word added in NaNo is a word added to Holloway Pack 4. 😉

So that’s my NaNo efforts so far. How’s everyone else doing?


8 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Check-In #1

  1. I need to add my word count to NaNo…asap! I like your progress, you can do it! Out eating cakes…yummy! We all need a break. If you need me to go there and cheer you on for Holloway Pack #4, I’ll be on the next plane, boat, flying broom or car. 🙂

    Sometimes I make myself laugh…flying broom! I use that for work.

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