The Trick to Reasonably Priced Bookmarks in the UK

To be honest, I hummed and harred over writing this post. But …

1)      I’m asked a LOT where I’ve got my printed goods from whenever I post pics of them. And …

2)      I’m often slightly peeved at the cost of professionally made bookmarks for us folk in the UK in comparison to the States.

In fact, I’m pretty certain my US buddies can get a couple hundred bookmarks for as little as $40-ish. When I hunted for printing companies over here that made bookmarks to order, the prices I was finding were in the region of £120 upwards (and those were the cheapest O_O).

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah, not impressed with that.

The worst of it was, one of the best places to order them from in the US seemed to be Vistaprint.

Now, anyone who takes any notice of what I say will know I’m a huge championer of Vistaprint.

But they do have a downside.

The UK site for the company doesn’t offer bookmarks as one of their products.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah, my mood crashed and burned over that one, let me tell you.

So after having major sulkfests over this for days … weeks … possibly months … I spotted a blog post (on Red Room) that detailed ‘how to get quality promotional bookmarks for just under a penny …’, which included Vistaprint as part of the plan.

So I was all ears.

I followed their instructions. Gave it a go.

And voila! I ended up with my first set of bookmarks I’d ordered myself.

So how much did they cost me?

Well, the first lot I ordered only ended up costing me an approximate £4.50-ish, due to the fee for uploading an image and the cost of shipping—because I followed the advice and waited for a ‘freebie’ offer to come through. That was for 200.

I’ve since then ordered more. Though I did pay the full whack of £17.99 (plus postage) for the second batch—but decided I couldn’t even scoff at that price.

And I’ve been more than happy with the received product both times. Sure, they’re a little smaller than, and the card used isn’t quite as thick as, my original Darkness & Light bookmarks my publisher sent over from America, but they are still more than worth the money I paid.

So, in case you fancy ordering some of your own, here’s the LINK again to the blog post explaining how.

And if I—a complete techno-moron—could figure out how to use the Vistaprint site, anyone can. Plus, to help you along, I’ve even posted pics (below) of my bookmarks all set up (as finished product) and ready for printing from my Vistaprint portfolio so you have a second image to go by*.

Front /\ & back \/

Just remember: Butt each image up to the outside cut-off line, and you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Then when they arrive, chop ‘em up.

I’ve been lucky enough to have access to a guillotine, but I imagine a craft knife and straight edge could work just as well.

So there you have it. My trick to affordable bookmarks (totally taken from someone else’s idea).

Live and learn, people. I hope this helps.

*Please note: if you are published via traditional methods, check in with them before using your coverart for promotional products. Who knows? If they’re as awesomesauce as J.Taylor, they may even provide the ready-made images you need for you. 🙂