New Darkness & Light Bookmarks!

Eeeep. Just had to share.

You see, my supply of Darkness & Light bookmarks is beginning to dwindle away. And as Mr B has a habit of going around and finding folk to give them to, I figured I’d better get some more. He said: get some with your new cover. I said: I don’t have the images I need to get some with my new cover. To which, he said: So ask for some then.

So I did.

And they came in my email box all shiny and new.

And I lurves them.

Wanna see?

‘Course you do. 😀

Front ^ & back \/

Whatcha think?

I can’t wait to order some of these. Can’t wait to share them with folk. However, if you have the impatience of a greyhound on a track and you just have to go print one off NOW, as I usually do with any tchotchke images, I’ve uploaded the bookmark files to my website. You can find them HERE!

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.



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