Update: The ‘C’ Word

I think most of you read my earlier post (August 15th) and already know what I’m referring to, so I’ll just dive right in.

I’ve received a date to head back to the hospital for my second round of skin surgery.

That date is … today.

Initially, I had an appointment to return on Saturday gone but it was rescheduled by the hospital for today.

Which means, as of this afternoon, I shall most likely be somewhat out of commission for a little while.

The Macmillan nurse I spoke to has already warned me the next round of surgery will take longer to recover from.

To be honest, I’m not too sure how well I’ll cope with that as it drove me nuts not being able to write for one week the last time.

I guess we’ll see.

Though I also guess that, just like last time, my stubborn a$$ will suck up the pain for intermittent intervals just so I can send out the occasional social networking waffle—coz I can’t seem to help myself. Besides, better to have a slightly aching arm, than withdrawal symptoms on top of a slightly aching arm.


Okay, okay, I’ll try to be good.

Now, because I’m not going to be able to type more than a tweet at a time (heh), I’m not going to be writing many blog posts. That being said, I do have a few posts already scheduled to air over the next couple of weeks or so. However, for a little while, my post regularity will be dropping to a maximum of one per week (unless something special’s going on)—because even once I get the use of my arm back again, my priority will be on catching up on my writing over catching up in here.

The posts I’ve pre-scheduled, though, are fairly important ones (to me), so I really hope you’ll still pop along to take a butchers. And I hope you’ll still comment (and not get peeved if I don’t respond to you all right away), because it would mean a lot.

And I think that’s it on The ‘C’ Word.

On other news, I have a couple of busy weeks coming up: the Mini-Me has headed off to her first day of senior school today (aaaarrrgh!) and The Boy starts back to school tomorrow (which makes my arm business even more of a bummer, not being able to write when I finally get the house back to myself), and (yippee) Mr B is figuring out plans for the first weekend of September to celebrate my birthday, which falls on the 10th (I just happen to have a cool post set for then). Oh, and please drop in for Aimee Laine’s Surrender tour stop tomorrow (the 5th). 🙂

So, what’s everyone else got going on right now?


10 thoughts on “Update: The ‘C’ Word

  1. I’ll say some prayers for you love. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away. Big hugs. You’re going to be great. You’re very lucky to have such a loving, supporting family.

    1. Thanks, Em, I’ll check it out. I’ve had a lot of folk suggest recording the story instead, but when I’ve tried progammes before it hasn’t recognised my voice. Just need to keep looking for one that likes a Midlands accent from the UK, lol.

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