Bookmarks + The Beach + Mr B = Pure Awesomeness!

Last weekend, after being dealt the ‘C’ word (see previous Blog Post), Mr B whisked me and the kidlets off to the Mother-in-law’s for a very much needed break. Luckily for us, Mrs B Senior lives on the west coast of Wales. And, man, was the weather glorious.

I would say the fact that Mr B’s brother had a stint hiring out kayak’s and peddle boats on Saundersfoot beach made the short break.

Or that we got to leave the kidlets with Mr B’s brother whilst we vanished on our own and lunched together and strolled together and just had some seriously overdue ‘us time’.


Or that we also got to doss about at the beach some.

Dossing about at the beach.

Or that The Boy permitted his picture to be taken for the first time in years–and I got the first snapshot of the two of us together without him hiding behind hair since he began senior school.

Me & The Boy!


Well, yes, they were all amazing and helped make the break awesome. But …
the thing that totally did it for me was the second day there.

After we’d dropped the kidlets to the BiL, me and Mr B walked along Saundersfoot beach together (see image below) …

Saundersfoot Beach

… and Mr B took the handful of Darkness & Light bookmarks I just happened to have in my handbag, scoured the laid-out beach towels for ladies reading paperbacks, then crossed to them and said:

“Hey, would you like a bookmark for that?”

Every single one of them accepted. Every single one of them was left checking out what the bookmark said.


Darkness & Light bookmarks into the hands of readers.

Like I said: Bookmarks + The Beach + Mr B = Pure Awesomeness!

And this, folks, is exactly why I love him. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. What a lovely story. The pics look great, especially of you and The Boy! Well deserved trip and the hubby is a fantastically, wonderful man. You are very lucky.

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