Just to Let You Know …

… that I’m not going to be about much this week. Which means this will likely be my last blog post for the week. I haven’t even got my #wolfiewednesday post scheduled, for which I apologise.

But I have some appointments of my own I need to keep because they’re to do with my health. They’re a bit of a time suck, but they’re taking priority.

On top of that, Mr B was pretty ill yesterday and ended up in hospital. He’s home at the mo. They allowed him to come out late last night so he could be more comfortable at home, and we got back around midnight, but he has appointments to head back and forth for–and they’re not at our local hospital but in the next county over because that’s where he happened to be at the time of falling sick.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been any more mention of appendicitis, which is what the doc’s seemed to think it might initially be. But they are leaning toward kidney stones or gallstones, which means we have scans and whatnot to travel to. At the moment, The Man’s pretty spaced out on pain killers, which means he’s taking a lot of my time. And because he’s Mr B, he takes precedence over everything else.

So, I am still around, but will only have time to pop in now and again to ease my social network addiction. Still email/tweet/FB me if you need me for anything. Just show a little patience if I don’t happen to respond right away.

Cheers, and have a good week.


14 thoughts on “Just to Let You Know …

  1. I hope you and Mr. B feel better soon! *Hugs* You know how to find me if you need anything. Even from across the water….I’m here!

  2. Hi Julie I’m so sorry to hear about Mr B and yourself. My husband has been ill for quite a while now and I know how much time is taken to look after them. I’m disabled too and it can get quite tiring. So please try to take care of yourself too, and I hope that it wont take too long for you both to feel better. Take care both and we shall see you when you get back. X

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