#WolfieWednesday #HollowayPackExposed

Welcome to my new meme #WolfieWednesday, a weekly theme, where I shall be exposing any questions the public (that would be you) have submitted to any member of the Holloway Pack. The meme will run weekly (for now), and will showcase one question asked (plus answer) per post. If you have a question you’d like to ask any of the guys (it can be anything that isn’t X-rated), be it from this era or the Instinct & Eternal era, then all’s you gotta do is pop it in This Form and keep an eye out for your answer.

And onto this week’s #HollowayPackExposed with a question for …


Living with all those boys can’t be all swoon worthy so, what are your most and least favourite things about living with all those fellas?

~ Emma

Definitely not all swoon-worthy. Try playing ball with them and being chucked left and right to stop you from catching it, and laughed at when they run faster knowing full well you can’t keep up … yeah, not so cute now, are they?

Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I love the rough and tumble and teasing that comes with it.

But my most favourite and least favourite part? I’m wondering if they’re all one and the same. Because everything I love about being the only female—the being teased, their over-protectiveness, their possessiveness, the way I’m mollycoddled and pretty much get away with most things—is also everything that drives me nuts when it becomes a bit too stifling.

That answer your question?

~ Jem


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    1. Afraid not. But at least, she generally only has to share the bathroom with 3 of them, and not the entire pack unless the Larsen’s are visiting. 😉

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