I Never Thought This Day Would Come.

You know how it is when you have kids? You never want them to grow up, right? You never want them to get bigger? You want them to always need your cuddles?

But when the end of an era comes to pass, you have no choice but to quit kidding yourself that you can keep them as the innocent beings you brought into this world and you suddenly realise they are growing up, whether you want them to or not.

I already passed this stage once, with The Boy. For some reason, it didn’t seem so bad the first time around. And The Boy has definitely shot forward. I mean, he’s now 15 and bringing home girlfriends (AAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! *deep breaths*). But maybe the reason I didn’t panic was because I still had the Mini-Me to cling my hopes to.

Not any longer.

You see, the Mini-Me has officially left Junior school* on Wednesday 25th July 2012 (see below pics of her last day to prove it)…

Check out the defaced shirts O_o

Oh, yeah, and in case you’re wondering, Mini-Me is the one whose face I haven’t blobbed on O_o

Yep, a few of the parents pitched together and booked out kidlets a limo ride to celebrate this momentous occasion. Of course, I headed off to a school-mum-friend’s house whilst the limo drove around for an hour, where said friend fed me French beer (I needed it. What? It was VERY hot last Wednesday O_O)

Oh, and note the Mini-Me has already switched up her school footwear for plimsolls? *grin* That’s my girl. 😀

And ending on a pic of their ride. The dude driving it smiled the entire time (obviously has more patience than I do 😉 ):

… This means she’ll officially be starting Senior school in September (AAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!).

It also means she is absolutely most definitely growing up.

And I’m not sure I’m ready for her to.

She is.

I’m not.

I want her to stay young, and innocent (okay, maybe she ain’t so innocent cos she can be cheeky) and naïve forever. And I’m now coming to understand … I mean, fully understand … that I just ain’t gonna get my way. 😦

Any other parent’s out there go through this kinda crisis? How (the hell) am I supposed to deal with this (s**t)?

*In the UK, we have Infant & Junior—often combined in one school attended ’til age 11—and Senior (as of this year, up to age 16, if no college/job/apprentice to leave for, and up to age 18, if none of those mentioned have been obtained).


12 thoughts on “I Never Thought This Day Would Come.

  1. Tricky…….I’m looking forward to everyone being out of nappies, but I’m sure as hell not looking forward to them flipping me the bird and stealing my car keys. I just pray they’re more like their father (stable and dependable) and less like me (naughty, naughty, naughty!).
    What are my odds?

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to leave a comment on your blog and couldn’t :\
    I feel for ya…my little ones are still, well, little. But they’re growing fast and I too am fearful of this day. Boyfriends and slumber parties and DRIVING *gulp*
    If you come up with an effective means of dealing…pass it on! Incidentally, she IS a mini-you! So lovely. I’d say best get to polishin’ that probe for when the boys come knockin’. 😉

    1. Aww, thanks, Keri. Can’t see me coming up with a solution. I’m flailing around in the dark, lol. And I doubt I’ll need a probe, though. I have a Mr B. 😉

  3. Been there, done that. Mine has just finished their final year of senior and starts college in the new term o.O

    Oh, and apparently they’ve not been called infant, junior and senior in awhile. It’s all Key Stage 1 and upwards now. Yet another thing I guess that we’ve copied from the US with their ‘grades’ along with proms and stuff.

    Jeez, I’m going to sign off now before I start saying things like “Back in my day…” and sound really old.

    1. Hehehehe, you sound exactly like me. Yeah, the education bored refer to them as key stages, but the kiddies school still refer to themselves as infant and junior, which suits this old schooler in knowing what’s going on, lol.

  4. I remember the days, watching my daughter running around the house in diapers. Now! She will be a junior next year and she’s already talking about borrowing my car. She doesn’t even have a permit yet. She’s a really good girl! My biggest fear her leaving to college. Its not her going to college, its where! She wants to attend Oxford in London.
    I have no doubt you ail do just fine.

  5. Lol. You sound just like any other parent. I am just 18 and I don’t have kids as yet but When I stated to do all the things your daughter will my mom was just like you then one day a friend said to her for the times that she relied on you you taught her the best for times like these she will always be your baby but to everyone else a lady, beside Maria got it right when you love something you have let go , let them spread their wings. and i also believe it will get better.

    1. Yeah, I know you’re right. And I constantly tell Mr B that he has to let the kids leave the house without us shadowing them (he’s MEGA overprotective), but it’s not as easy to do as it is to say. I’ll get over it. But having to allow her the independence to catch the bus to school every day come September will be seriously difficult.
      Thanks for stopping by, Jodian.

  6. Been there, done that. Here in the States I don’t think there’s as big of an issue in the transition between junior high school and high school. Our big transition comes with college. My first went off to college nine years ago, my second, two years later. Up until then, I felt like I still had some control. They lived in my house. We ate together, laughed together, argued together. Then, all of that changed. They were on their own, living their own lives. They partied all night, went to school all day. There were (and still are) days I don’t hear from either of them. My oldest got married, had a baby, divorced and moved to the other side of the country. My second lives in North Carolina, is going for her Masters degree and is traveling the country and the world in her ‘spare’ time. That’s a lot of change for old mom here in less than a decade. And yet, this is what we raised them to be…good, loving caring people who can make it on their own. Who can be their own people, blaze their own trails.

    I still have a 20 year old at home and my 17 year old. My youngest graduates this coming year. The last of the chicks to grow up. My youngest wants to join the Air Force. Always has, ever since he was little. My heart skips beats when I think about it. My 20 year old will start back to school soon and will probably take off. After living with kids for 28 years of my life, it will be very difficult to come home to an empty house. That’s what I’m not looking forward to.

    Good luck, mom. You’ll be okay…for now. Just enjoy the heck out of them while they still live with you. Before you know it, the grand-kids will be sitting at your kitchen table.

    1. This is exactly what we raise them into and hope they will become. Love this comment, Jen. And thanks. I try to appreciate them. But I do still wish they didn’t have to grow up, lol.

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