I’ve been watching the book blogging world for a little while now. As an author, I’d have been pretty foolish not to, right? I mean, if you watch closely enough, you see the trends, you notice which books are being reviewed EVERYWHERE and which ones have a well-organised tour set up, and which ones are rocking these bloggers worlds or not quite living up to the expectation … you get the picture.

We all know authors rely on book bloggers. It’s a fact.

Yes, the Internet gives authors and publishers alike a global reach that had to be worked much harder for in the past. But even the Internet alone can only do so much. It still takes the word of mouth or the shout-out for a book to pass from one Internet identity to another, for it to be heard about from London to Lisbon to America to India … because without these Internet folk spreading the word, nobody ain’t gonna hear about your book.

And a whole HEAP of this spreading about comes from book bloggers who feel so strongly about favourite books/authors/characters that they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure as many people as possible know about them.


Because who wants to keep their emotions all bottled up inside when you can discover someone like-minded to squee with? Not me, that’s for sure.

So to an author, book bloggers are what the slang-speaking folk of the UK would term: The Dog’s B*****ks. 😉

But how about looking at them from a non-author perspective?

Because up until recently, I had NO idea just how freakin’ awesome the book blogging community is/can be.

In March this year, I started a book blog. I didn’t do so for research or to creep about spying on these good folk. I did it because just seemed like a natural thing to do, seeing as I read a LOT and always review whatever I’ve read on Goodreads, anyhoo.

So, Bookaroo-Ju was born.

No, I didn’t get a sudden influx of folk show up on the blog and yell ‘Welcome, Noob!’ However, I did get visitors, and I did get support, and the ‘Likes’ on my book blogging FB page have grown far faster than they ever did on my author page without me even having to do anything.

But let’s go back to the support: The support book bloggers offer one another in their quests to read books they are yearning for.

Because in the few shorts months I’ve been book blogging for, I’ve found myself AWED by the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ from other bloggers/readers.


I constantly get books posted out to me on loan, from Kayleigh of K-Books.

I seriously wanted to read Pure (Lux 2) but was on a book buying ban due to finances being tight, and Taneesha of A Diary of a Book Addict just went and bought me a copy. Just like that. Seriously.

After spotting a pic posted by Natalie Cleary (not a blogger, but still a reader) of some books she’d received and stating she had one I seriously wanted to get, she offered to send me the book because she had a duplicate copy.

These are just a few.

The book blogging community is so much more than a bunch of random folk sharing their thoughts on what they read.

It’s way more powerful than that.

The book blogging community is a support network that, if it were a company, it would be making billions. It is that strong. It is that unified. It is that awesome.

Treat it with respect.

I know I will.



  1. Love this post!!!! I try to do a book review every Monday on my regular blog. Between writing, being a mommy, and life in general, I don’t get to read NEARLY as much as I’d like. Pooh. Perhaps in the fall when daughter #1 goes to school …? Hmmmmm Maybe I’ll get more of those ‘me’ moments that are so rare. hehe

  2. The blogging community is pretty amazing. I haven’t experienced the stuff that you have but I have seen it and it makes me happy. I can’t wait to get back into it once I have access to a conputer full time again. I love my fellow book bloggers! ❤

    1. I’d only ‘seen’ it going on until recently, and thought it was awesome then. Being a part of that community is a great experience. Thanks for stopping by, Cassandra. 🙂

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