Freeview Friday: Taking a Short Break

As you’re all probably aware, my Freeview Friday posts over the past couple of months have all been from Eternal: Holloway Pack 0.5. Well, due to the fact Eternal has now released (yeee-hah!), I ceased to share those a fortnight ago.

And I’m afraid there won’t be any Freeview Friday posts for a little while—for these reasons:

– I don’t like to continue sharing snippets once a book has launched—I’m kinda hoping by that point I’ve enticed you enough to want to read it.

– The entire month of July I’m going to be pretty busy with the Eternal blog tour—which means a lot of my posts throughout the month will be directing peeps to my stops for that.

– My next book releases will be in December: Blue Moon (Holloway Pack 2) and Make Believe (anthology containing Escort to Insanity). And as I’m not scheduled to release excerpts for either of those until sometime mid-August, I’m going to hold off until then with sharing anything else for those titles.

However, come mid-August, Freeview Friday will kick back in again, when I shall happily reveal tiny teasers for Blue Moon and Escort to Insanity (either or both, maybe one then the other, or alternated weeks—I haven’t decided yet). Although, if I happen to be working on something I think will be fun to share, there’s always a chance I’ll let you in on my dodgy first drafts instead.

How about you? What have you guys got going on?


8 thoughts on “Freeview Friday: Taking a Short Break

  1. I’m editing my new novel
    Hoping to add 10000 more words and get it out to betas by the end of the summer
    Good luck on your blog tour
    Sounds tiring but fun!

  2. I’m editing my big novel, finishing up two more and working on a couple of shorts. I’m also preparing for a week-long YA blog takeover on my blog the week of July 22 – 30. 9 YA authors are going to discuss their books and their road to publication. Should be tons of fun. Have more author promotions I’m preparing for during July and August. Then I have my own Make Believe promotions…busy, busy. This writing stuff is not a kick back and relax business, is it? Good luck on your tour. I’ll see you on my blog in about 14 days, eh? 🙂

    1. Crikey, Jen–you make me sound like I’m taking a break you have so much going on, lol. No, it’s definitely not a kick back & relax business. And yep, I’ll see you in a couple weeks. 🙂

  3. Ungh….. well-wishes for your blog-tour!!

    I’ve ‘got’ Eternal’ (regardless of your snippets) 🙂

    And I suppose I really ought to say that “whatever you write, I WILL buy!!”

    Smooches (and, yup, I have ‘Blue Moon’ at the head of my tbr pile!!)


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