RAK’s and Their Affects {featuring Katherine Skye}

RAK’s, to those who aren’t aware, are: Random Acts of Kindness.

I’ve seen a lot of them mentioned across the ‘Net. Mostly by book bloggers (I’ll come to the awesomeness of them in my post scheduled for the 16th). But this week, I was the recipient of a RAK that blew me away from the moment I knew it was coming.

You see, there is this lovely lady I’ve ‘met’ through the ‘Net (Heh—it rhymes), who said to me one day (coz she knows I read a LOT), if there’s any books you want to read, just let me know, I might have them. So, to make it easier, I shared my ‘wishlist’ with her, and she messaged me to say she had quite a few of those.

She wasn’t kidding.

And then she offered to send them to me.


But that wasn’t all.

You see, this lovely lady’s kindness has stretched far before this RAK. Anyone who pays attention to my tweets knows the Mini-Me has been sick quite a bit lately (mostly with ear problems). Guaranteed, if I tweeted about the girl being sick, Katherine would reply. Even when I don’t tweet, she often asks me how she is. So, I suppose I shouldn’t really have been surprised when she asked if there was any American candy the Mini-Me would like to try—because she wanted to grab some and send it with the books.

So when I mentioned that the main thing we can’t seem to get over here (unless we go to a specialised store and pay through the nose for a single item) is Wonka stuff, she said she’d send some.



She sent a tonne!

Wanna see what I got?

Sure you do.

Well, first when the box arrived, I got a little excited. The delivery dude even got a special smile. With teeth. 😀

Then I opened the box, and smiled some more, even though I could only see pretty tissue paper.

Then I peeled back the paper and smiled even wider, and the Mini-Me (peering over my shoulder) kinda went ‘Oooowhoah’.

Then we emptied out the candy. Mini-Me’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when I started pulling the candy out of the box. O_O <<like this!

The blue ones of these are scrummy. 🙂

And the strawberry ones of these are scrummy.

Laffy Taffy! I think I may have (already) developed a slight addiction. O_o

Mr B is rather taken with these.

And I don’t force the Mini-Me to share these with me because fizziness in sweets makes my eyes do a dodgy dance. 😉

Then I dragged out the books.

These covers ARE as awesome as they look. I’m very excited to read these.

I’ve been wanting to delve in and discover what the fuss is about for the Mortal Instruments, but when I tried to nab a copy here, I could only get one with a fugly cover (and I only buy books with pretty covers–shallow, I know). And Enthralled has a great line up, so I’m looking forward to that.

Article 5 seriously sounds like my kinda book & I’ve been wanting to check out Slide since I first read the blurb. 🙂

Read Shadow Bound and have been wanting this one since. 🙂

Annnnd I even got this muchero unexpected bundle of swag. Check out the Lover Reborn bookmark in there! 😀

Finally, after ogling and pawing everything, I gave Mini-Me the candy, before reverentially replacing all the books in the box for when I’m ready to read them.

After the last couple of weeks I’ve had, and with being ill this week with a viral infection the Mini-Me kindly shared, this pick-me-up could not have come at a better time.

So I have just one thing to say to you, Ms Katherine Skye.

You totally rock!


15 thoughts on “RAK’s and Their Affects {featuring Katherine Skye}

  1. Awww, this post put a GIGANTIC smile on my face, and I’m not even eating candy.
    She also has awesome candy taste–Everlasting Gobstoppers made my day as a kid, even if my jaw ended up kinda sore afterwards.

    1. LOL, I ate around 15 Runts in a row and made my mouth sore. Guess that’ll teach me to be greedy, hehehe. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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