Book News: Updates & Reminders!

Happy Tuesday to you all. I thought I’d pop in a quick blog post today to remind everyone about the Darkness & Light Ebook promotion happening right now through the month of June, and to tell you about an Eternal giveaway happening over at my publisher’s blog.

First up: Darkness & Light

For all of you who haven’t yet managed to grab a copy, June is an AWESOME time to do so. Not only will you get the updated cover unique to the Ebooks, as well as the added Sean POV scenes in the back, but Darkness & Light is also on MEGA sale.

I haven’t hunted the Internet to find out exactly who has it on sale, but I know it’s currently only £1.02 over at Amazon UK (for Kindle–usually £3-something), $1.58 over at Amazon US (for Kindle–usually a cent below $5), and $0.99 over at Barnes & Noble (Nook–usually $4.99).

Secondly: the Eternal Promotion

This week, J.Taylor Publishing are giving away FIVE early copies of Eternal: Holloway Pack 0.5 (due for release July 2nd).

All you have to do to enter is comment on their BLOG POST with the agreement to read, review, and post your review of Eternal before its release date.


So if you’re waiting on this one, or Eternal simply sounds like your cup of tea, then here’s your chance to get an early peek. But hurry, because the closing date for this one is June 15th–that’s only 3 days!

Hope you all have an awesome day!