Hey all, and happy Friday. Thank you for stopping by. Today, I’ll be sharing another mini-excerpt from my PNR novella Eternal,  due out in a little over 3 weeks.

Following on from last week, we get a glimpse at just why Sean was so edgy about his wounds and the trespassers … here’s your taste of Eternal:

“I did not wish for you to feel afraid.” He stalked across the room.

Tearing my gaze from the seeping liquid, I studied the power in his body, evident in each and every movement he made, no matter how minute. From his dark mop of hair, across his muscular back, all the way down his defined legs to the tips of his toes, strength and might dominated Sean’s body like a tailored uniform. I would never feel anything but safe whilst beside him.

“The only thing I have to fear is losing you,” I said.

“Which is no less a fear than the one I hold. Is it even any different, in fact?” Before I could answer, he spun, and in three strides stood beside me. His fingers folded around mine, and he drew me to my feet, taking my face between his palms until I tumbled heart first into his dark, glossy stare. “How can I protect you when I fail to defend myself?”

Aww, bless him. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this weeks snippet. See you next week for another round of FVF

As I have said before, any and all are welcome to join me in this weekly shenanigan. HOWEVER, if you do so, I URGE you to keep the shared snippets short and sweet. Mine will be a maximum of TEN (10) sentences. To help identification of these posts, I shall be hastagging them (for Twitter purposes) as #FVF. Feel free to knick said hashtag for your own Freeview Friday posts.



  1. Same here, Terri! I try to get here as often as I can because the Holloway boys are just so dreamy…

    Love the new look of the site 🙂

  2. Aww, thanks, you guys. 🙂

    And thanks on the thumbs up for the blog, though I only altered the header a little and tidied my sidebar–amazing how so little can have an affect. 🙂

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