NEWS: Escort to Insanity is Contracted!

Sometime last winter, around November time, my editor approached me with a propostion.

“Hey,” she said, “we’re thinking of making a winter anthology for December 2012. We want you to be the headliner. You interested?”

“Sure,” I said. Coz I was.
So then I had a problem. I’d agreed to provide a story. But I had no story.

Last time they asked me for an antho submission, I gave them a Holloway Pack short.

I couldn’t do that this time.

Because, due to the fact the anthology will be released the same day that Blue Moon launches, I have no Holloway Pack happenings that will fit into that slot time-wise.

About that moment, when realisation sank in, my head kinda went ‘Eeeeeeeeeeek!’

Because it meant I had to write a new story. One at fairly short notice. One with an unfamiliar plotline. One set in a ‘world’ I’d had no time to get to understand. One with new characters I knew absolutely nothing about.

But I panicked not. Okay, not much.

I simply took a singular idea that popped into my head … wrote down around 300 words to solidify that said idea would be where the story would start … and kept going back to it and playing around with the folks like they were Barbie and Ken on a bender … and voila …


It’s different to Holloway Pack. Different cast. Different tone. Different (dare I say it?) supes.

And I just recently signed a contract for it.

So it’s official.

I’m heading up a winter anthology.

MAKE BELIEVE is coming December 2012.

You can find out about the other contributing authors at: Jennifer M. Eaton | Jenny Keller Ford | Terri Rochenski | Kelly Said | Lynda Young

Exciting, no?

15 thoughts on “NEWS: Escort to Insanity is Contracted!

  1. Totally exciting to be in an antho with you! 😎 omgosh, I’m all smiles today and can’t wait until the day we can reveal that beautiful cover! 😀

      1. I looked for it last night and didn’t see it! I’ll be dashing off right now to check it out!! 😀 *squee!*

  2. Way exciting!! I echo what Kelly Said. I am so happy to be picked for the antho as well and to appear alongside you! I can’t wipe the grin off my face. This is so cool!!

  3. Wow – heading a winter antho?? Triple wow – and congrats to all you peeps contributing too!! 🙂

    Julie – bet you never realised how much you’d HAVE to write once you got published!!! I’m certainly not complaining!!

    Keep it coming….coming…..coming
    (and make of that what you will) 🙂

    1. Hehehe, thanks, Carole-Ann, you’re too funny. 😀
      Yeah, I’m pretty excited. I enjoyed writing about different characters more than I expected to.

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