All’s Quiet on the Western Front …

I’ve been so seriously busy of late, there barely seems enough hours in the day or days in the week or … you get the picture.

Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been working on either over the last x amount or weeks or as an ongoing project:

I recently finished editing a full novel-length manuscript for a writer buddy. It wasn’t a chore. It never is if you love the writing. But editing a ms of this length takes time and dedication even if the job’s pleasurable.

I’ve been editing a story of my own–one I’ll get to tell you more about on Wednesday (so look out for a post on that), as well as more sharing I’ve got planned for the 21st.

I’ve been preparing for an upcoming announcement about Darkness & Light—one that will go up on my blog next Monday (14th).

My Eternal Tour has needed organising in time for July. And with blog stops getting scheduled comes interviews to answer and guest posts to write and emails to stay on top of …

And around all of that, as well as knocking out plots/ideas/scenes for YA’s and Holloway Pack #4 and #5 AND #6, I’ve been working on my next main project: Resonance: Holloway Pack #2.5.

This one totally needs my focus as it will tie up a LOT of loose ends for readers as well as pave the way into Caged: Holloway Pack #3.

It’s also the next manuscript I need to submit to my editor and so I’m pretty eager right now to get this one wrapped up because there are a lot of discussions going on with J.Taylor Publishing about how best to get this one into the hands of the readers. I’m going to keep the ideas discussed so far supersekrit until I know for sure what the marketing plans are, but this one is definitely taking up a lot of my brain space right now.

So, all that being said, forgive me for any moments of quiet. Just know it probably means I’m working hard at trying to sort out the upcoming Holloway Pack stories.

Anyhoo, what have you all been up to lately?