You may have noticed (or not, as the case may be) that I wasn’t about very much last week. Well, that’s because we slunk off (we being Me, Mr B & the Mini-Me’s) to the Mother-in-Laws in sunny West Wales (yes, it really was sunny). And we had a pretty awesome week.

No, I didn’t spend every hour of every day slamming out new stories whilst Mr B waited on me hand and foot.

Okay, so he did wait on me hand on foot, but that was only on the understanding I kept my nose out of the laptop and in my head in the real world for a while.

The thing with Mr B is, his idea of ‘keeping my head out of my virtual worlds’ usually involves coastal walks and whatnot. So whilst I did have a totally relaxing week and take in some amazing views, I also exhausted myself (do you people KNOW how many hills there are in Wales?????? O_o). And because said ‘amazing views’ were exactly that, I figured they’d be a good introduction back into the land of the living (or back into blogging after a taking a break). So here are some pics of my (our) week:

Oh, yes, our first day there, and the kidlets decide they ‘don’t wanna come and can’t they just stay with Nan’ when we were going out. Kids, apparently, hit a certain age and suddenly decide their parents ain’t so coolio to be hanging around with no more. *sobs into hanky* Then *rejoices at the prospect of some alone time with Mr B* This is just one of the beaches in Tenby (south beach, I think). Beautiful, no?

After their complaints the first day, we forced cajoled the kids into coming out for some fresh air (whilst failing to mention we’d be taking one of our famous treks along the coast) and Mr B drove us to Manorbier. Above is the spot where we climbed from the car …

… and we trekked past these trees/bushes that had been in a fire and had absolutely nothing to do with the amazing view had I looked to the left but couldn’t seem to stop myself taking a picture of …

… up a hill and round a huge U-turn and then back down the hill on the other side. Yes, those are the Mini-Me’s you see. Yes, this was the calm before the storm of seriously steep climbs just around the corner …

… by this point, we were all puffing and panting and I felt the strain of muscles I’d forgotten I have but *Hallelujah* our destination comes into sight …

… and (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) we make it to the beach that never seems to have hardly any visitors simply because it’s not accessible by road and barely a soul knows of it’s existence.

Only problem then was we still had to walk all the way back to the car. 😐

The next day brought another session of ‘No-kids’ (probably because we’d tired them out the day before) so me and the man snuck off to Milford Haven, where we sat sipping coffee overlooking the mariner. Muchero peacefulness, I have to say.

But then the kidlets realised we’d had way more fun than them and begged to go out so we ended up at Tenby again, where we walked along Tenby North beach (I think), starting at the top of the steps (where I stood to take the pic) …

… aaaaaaaaaall the way around to the other side, where this picture was taken up from behind the museum and art gallery.

And our last day before coming home was spent drinking coffee at Kilgetty before making the walk (yeah *sigh* more walking) from Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot (not quite sure how the man managed to slip into the pic), where we looked at boats (Mr B has a ‘thing’ for boats) and bought some fudge for my good friend Carla (Carla has a ‘thing’ for fudge), and then made the trek back to the car, where I announced I’d be quite happy to go to bed.


So, how about you? Done anything cool during the Easter break?