Happy Friday and welcome to another day of snippet sharing. You may remember last week, Sean was out and about with his brother? Well, guess where they were headed …. From my newly released novella Instinct–A Holloway pack Prequel (told from Sean Holloway’s PoV):

I eased down the handle and pushed open the door.

Hair the colour of a raven, eyes the palest of browns, and breasts that would give a man altitude sickness should he climb them graced the female laid out in stark relief upon the bed.

James’s reason for choosing Mary screamed at me. She did not resemble Jem in the slightest.

Mary smiled at my approach, pushing up onto her elbows until her breasts took on a new form with the movement.

The mattress squeaked and dipped as I sat beside her. My nose wrinkled at the odour of men who’d come before me. “How would you like to double your earnings?”

Hmmm, what on earth could Sean have in mind for the female to double her earnings?

I hope you enjoyed this weeks snippet. See you next week for another round of FVF

As I have said before, any and all are welcome to join me in this weekly shenanigan. HOWEVER, if you do so, I URGE you to keep the shared snippets short and sweet. Mine will be a maximum of EIGHT (8) sentences. To help identification of these posts, I shall be hastagging them (for Twitter purposes) as #FVF. Feel free to knick said hashtag for your own Freeview Friday posts.



  1. If this actually posts…it means I’ve WON the battle against WP! hehehe 🙂 Fantastic Freeview! I’ve enjoyed reading these little snippets from Sean’s POV.

  2. Hi there, firstly I want to say that I love reading your posts, they do make me laugh. I suppose your saying “Get on with it girl” hahaha Well anyhooo what I would like to know is, have you done the book Eternal yet. I have the other four, but no this one. Alsooooo Is Blue moon a continuation of the other five? If it is I will have to have that one also. I am dying to read these books, but can’t until I have all of them. There’s nothing worse than reading a book and right at the end they say get the next instalment. Then I have to rush and get it on my kindle as fast as I can, so I can continue my reading. I am strange that way. lol Please put me out of my misery. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hehehe, Julie. In answer to your question–and it might not put you out of your misery exactly:
      Eternal is due out in July. However, there will be an ARC giveaway coming up pretty soon. 🙂
      Blue Moon IS a continuation of Jem & Sean’s story, yes.
      HOWEVER, Blue Moon won’t be the end of the tales for The Holloway Pack.
      I have already written the 3rd full length novel, which will be Holloway Pack #3, and I’m currently working on a novella which will be Holloway Pack #2.5
      I also intend to write (some of them have already been started) Hooloway Pack #4, #5, AND #6 before the tales will be over for the pack. So, yes, reprieve will be here soon for adding to your collection, but (alas) it will most likely be a good few years before the series is released in its entirety. 🙂

      1. Hahahahaha thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Well I suppose I’d better start reading them then as I can’t wait that long lol I’ve waited too long already hahahahaha. They look far too good for me to just leave them till then. So I’m off to start them and no one will see me until I’ve finished the ones I’ve got. So ta ta for now. 🙂

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