… You guys get to see what Blue Moon will look like. 🙂

Book covers. I always look forward to the tick of time toward when I know J Taylor will begin sending me cover ideas. I was no different leading up to my first glimpse of the cover for Blue Moon.

Now … I’ll be honest, when I first saw it, it was kind of an oooooh, aaaaaah, uuuuuum. *tap finger on chin* moment.

It wasn’t that it was bad. It seriously wasn’t.

It wasn’t that the cover didn’t fit with the story. Because it so totally did.

However, something about the cover niggled that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on.

At this point, I guess I should point out that I am a bit of a pain to deal with. I think I was showed around 6 or 7 different styles for the Darkness & Light cover before I stopped moaning, 4 or 5 for Instinct, and whilst Eternal was readily accepted as a whole I had them tweaking what we were working with about 20 times before I quit squinting and declared myself smiley.

As you might guess, I wasn’t really any different with Blue Moon.

Yes, the concept was there 100%. But something bugged me and damn, did I have J Taylor tweaking and playing and messing around until I smiled and told them marvelloso (and they probably heaved a sigh of relief).

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Oh, no!

You see, even once I’ve ‘accepted’ a cover, I then stick said cover as my desktop background for WEEKS!

So I can stare at it every opportunity for WEEKS!

So I can look at it close up, from a distance, and from the side for WEEKS!

Just so I can give myself a chance to be ab-so-lutely certain. Because I would get back to them if I suddenly changed my mind.

Yes, I AM that much of a pain.

So, when I tell you I love my new cover and it fits the story down to a T, you can rest assured that my opinion is in no way based on a whim.

I’m guessing you’d now like to see the latest cover for The Holloway Pack series, eh?

Cool, because I’m more than ready to show it to you guys.

And in two weeks, on April 9th, I shall be doing exactly that with the help of a team of bloggers across the stratosphere. Keep an eye out for sneaky peeks I have lined up through the beginning of April. I really hope you’ll come and join me in the reveal.


4 thoughts on “ONLY TWO WEEKS TO GO UNTIL …

  1. NEVER consider yourself a pain! 🙂 A cover is what peeps look at first, and if they don’t ‘get’ it, then they won’t buy!

    I’ve been so disgusted sometimes (mainly in some PNR stuff) when the pics on the cover NO WAY reflect the MC’s in the book! (Like the manly stud on the cover is dark-haired, when the Hero is blond! Or the Heroine has only shoulder-length hair, when the cover shows LONG, flowing locks down to her bum!)

    I do like a little authenticity! 🙂

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