ME: AT A TRANSPORT MUSEUM? O_o Who’da thunk it?

Yes, you did read the title right. I went to a transport museum. Don’t ask me how this bizarity happened. I have no idea. It’s not like I care about cars. My own is the rustiest, smelliest vehicle on our local roads.

But happen it did.

AND I had an AWESOME time.

I even took a tonne of pics, I got so excited over some of the vehicles in there—and I thought I’d share some of those with you today.

However, don’t expect me to get any of the vehicle names correct. After all, I’m a woman … who doesn’t really care … about cars—other than when they look cool or pretty.

Here goes, in the order they were taken (I think clicking on any images will allow you to view them bigger):

Um … this is a bikey-looking-contraption … of some sort. <<technical name (honest!)

Another bikey-looking-contraption. Or something like that, anyhoo. 😉

This is a groovy car. An old groovy car. Ha!

Bit of a dodgy shot but here we have a muchero old fire engine truck. 🙂

A police car. A Triumph police car. You’re impressed by my knowledge, no? What do you mean the biga$$ signs hanging above it gave it away?

A shiny car. Yes, that is the correct title. *nods*

This is Thrust2. Along with his brother posted below, he’s one of the fastest cars on Earth. <<See, I did absorb some stuff (probably because Mr B peed his pants in this section).

And here he is, the ThrustSSC, the other half of the two fastest cars on Earth.

A wooden bike.

A WOODEN bike, people!

I’d never have made it past the first cobblestone on this sucker!

Why yes, that is me looking rather nuttified on a Penny Farthing (just don’t look too closely–dude, I was exhausted)

Hey! Who’s that taking a turn?

Oooooh, it’s Mr B.

*sigh* I do love my Mr B.

Of course, Mr B just had to go check out the motorcycle section. These were two of the earliest models we could find. Thank GOODness they made them better than this before he asked me to play pillion. 😉

What? Oh … no, that one wasn’t in the museum. That’s Mr B’s baby. I just posted it to emphasise the improvement in bikes. 🙂

A Jaguar. Like the ‘brand new car’ Feeder sing about. 😉

Another Jag. *scratches head* I think, anyhoo.

A yellow car? Might be some kind of Ferrari … maybe?

Meh, who cares? I just know it looked groovy. 😉

Oh, oh, I know this one. ‘Tis a Shelby. 🙂

Um … *shifty eyes* … I’ll get back to you on this one. 😉

A racing car. A green one. One I’d seriously NOT want to crash in.

Oooh, story behind why I took this pic. Mr B used to have the earlier model of this pushbike. Until he fell. Onto the gearstick that didn’t have a bobblethingy on the end but was literally just a metal stick. You can imagine which part of him almost landed on it, I’m sure. And you can imagine which part of it almost ended up with it inserted into his body, making him look a little like a human lolly pop. Stitches, baby. Magical stitches. A little to the left and the man wouldn’t have had kids. 😉

No idea what it is. But I liked it. 🙂

Marty, we’re going back to the future. 😉

Ah, yes. The penny saga. So … me, Mr B and the Mini-Me found this coin press machine. After feeding a 1p and a 50p into the slot, we then peered (rather ridiculously) through the front window whilst the machine CRUSHED OUR PENNY AND SPAT IT BACK OUT AT US!

This, ladies and gents, is the result. And we paid 50p for our 1p to be obliterated from any usefulness.

Sometimes I wonder over my own gullibility. 😛


Anyhoo, that’s us. That was our weekend. Did anyone else get up to anything fun?


4 thoughts on “ME: AT A TRANSPORT MUSEUM? O_o Who’da thunk it?

  1. Love, love, love the Shelby. Oh, yeah, baby. and hey, those Thrust things…I don’t think they’re cars.; I think they’re land rockets. I think someone was pulling your leg, dear. 🙂

    Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Lovely, lovely cars 🙂
    I always wanted an E-type Jaguar (which are now dreadfully sought after!) but all I got was Minis! (gotta love ’em!)
    I have a son-in-law who (in the last few years) has graduated from a falling-apart Ford, to a bright red motorbike (spiffy, but can’t remember what name); to a green Triumph (you know – the low-line sporty-type ?TR3?); to (another) bright red Discovery (which my daughter refuses to drive ‘cos it’s so big).
    20 years ago, on a trip to California, I drove a new Ford (one of those low-lying sporty things – can’t remember the name though!) and thought I was in heaven! 🙂

    Give me my Fiat 500 anyday!
    (PS: quite envious of your outing 🙂 )

    1. Hehehe, I think the most luxurious vehicle I’ve ever driven was a Toyota Celica, lol. I can relate to your daughter, though. Had to borrow a Discovery once for a holiday. I HATED driving the tank. 🙂

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