Happy Wolfie Wednesday, folks!

Now … any who stopped by on Monday will know I promised to share some delights from my magic box this week. On Monday, you got to see my deleted epilogue from Darkness & Light.

And today?

Well, I have a Sean POV scene for you all.

Any who have read Fated Encounter will have already experienced a glimpse of Darkness & Light ‘from the other side’. And as I LOVE getting to know my characters better, I figured what the heck, I would do one more.

And boy, oh, boy, what a scene I’ve chosen for you. Which is probably about as much as you need me to say on that one. So I’ll button it and let you go see for yourself. Alls you gotta do is click HERE! Warning, though: This one is suitable for OVER 18’s ONLY!

As usual, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts so please feel free to boing back this way and leave me a comment. And don’t forget to call back on Friday for that glimpse of the opening of Eternal.

I hope to see you all there!