Happy Monday, folks!

Thought I’d just pop on here to let you all know what a great week I have planned. Yep, a week of total sharing and giving. Because I’ve been busy these past couple weeks trying to arrange some free bits and bobs that can keep readers happy in between releases. And I shall be pointing you all in their direction this week.

So what do I have coming up, you ask?

Well, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, my blog posts will publish, and with each one something new to discover.

Granted, some have already had the opportunity to view these lovely pressies, but not all—so I figured a blog post would be the only way to go.

Which leads me to today’s share.

I realised there were deleted parts of Darkness & Light that my readers never got to see. One of those deletions happened right at the very end of the novel when I lopped off my prized epilogue to finish the story where it needed to finish.

So … if you fancy a butchers at the very early (and somewhat rough) draft of the original Darkness & Light Epilogue, alls you have to do is hop on over to HERE!

But don’t forget to call back on Wolfie Wednesday, when I have an extra special (and naughty) treat for you, and again on Friday when I shall be interrupting my regular schedule for the extra extra special treat of the opening of Eternal.

I hope to see you all there!

Oh, and of course I’d love if you bounced back to here and let me know what you thought of today’s shared piece.



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