In case you’re wondering, yes, this blog post is going to be all about what the title suggests.

At the end of January, one of my readers posted on my FB wall:

Hi there is something I wanted to ask you. Do you have any pics/drawings of the Holloway pack, what they look like in your minds eye? I’d love to know what they look like to you!

When I first saw the question, I was a little stumped. I also didn’t think I’d ever be able to find any images that might resemble the members of the Holloway Pack.

Here was my explanation as to why:

Before I go hunting, I’ll explain why this is a struggle for me. When I write a character, I rarely see all of their physical characteristics in one entire package. I’ll visualise their hair. Their eyes. Their muscular structure across their body. Whichever part of them is pertinent to the current line I’m writing is all I see. So to try and visualise them as a whole is difficult for me because I connect way more with them as a ‘presence’ than a body. It’s the entire package of personality, heart, soul, etc that comes to me for a character. The rest is simply made up to suit. Does that make sense? However, that being said, I did have a couple of comments on a blog post some months back about who could play Sean if D&L was ever made into a movie. One suggestion was David Boreanaz–which to me was wrong, on so many levels. Another suggestion was Josh Hartnett. Now he’s a much better fit. Just make him broader, stronger, less about the cheekbones but all about those gorgeous eyes of his and the smile and you *might* have a workable Sean. And once you have one Holloway male, all you have to do is beef him up further and make him more rugged for Ethan, and do the same with cool blue eyes for Nate.

However, the lady had asked so (being me) I was intent on delivering. And to help me along, I went with a comment I recall from a while back—when I wrote a post about books on the big screen—that said she’d (Keri Lake, I think) love to see Darkness & Light on the big screen. And on pondering over who could play Sean Holloway, David Boreanaz was mentioned (which I kinda frowned at) along with Josh Hartnett.

Now … when you look at those two choices, you’ll notice the dudes don’t really look anything alike.

Which only adds to my point: does every single reader truly see each character differently?

So … at the request of Renée, I thought I’d ask you guys: who do YOU see as most closely resembling the Holloway Pack cast? And since I’ve recently joined up at Pinterest and have the beginnings of a Holloway Pack Board set up, I’m even more interested to hear other’s opinions.

The complete Facebook conversation (along with found images) can be found HERE!



  1. Oh man…I think I’m the one who suggested David B. *slinks away in shame* Lol BUT!!! I’m pretty sure I suggested Josh Hartnett too because he’s always been sort of a favorite of mine. Love LOVE the eyes. I haven’t decided who comes to mind for Ethan. But he is my favorite of the two. Hehe

    1. Don’t you dare slink away for suggesting David B. This is the whole point I’m trying make about differences of opinions when it comes to how we visualise what we read. I do kinda recall the chat that led to Josh, too. 🙂

  2. Personally, I think it’s fun to see images that perhaps prompted your inspiration for certain features, ie, hairstyle, curve of the mouth, a certain look in the eyes, or for settings and mood, too.

    As a reader, I don’t necessarily see literary characters as popular TV or movie actors, but when an author describes hair curling around the ear a particular way, then it’s cool for me to see the image that inspired that description – it makes me feel like I am very much on the same page as the author, that I’ve connected with you and the work on a whole new level. I may not see Sean as Josh Hartnett specifically, but I can visualize Sean’s height as equal to Josh Hartnett’s height and with perhaps David Boreanz’s musculature. So, for me, it’s not about the specifics of a particular actor but more about a general idea. In my mind, Sean is Sean, because he’s that real to me. He may *look* like a famous person, but he’ll always be uniquely Sean in my mind. 🙂

    I think sharing that side of your creativity is just another way for people to get to know you and see how you build the worlds you do. I guess I should include here that my degree is in Fine Arts, specifically drawing, so I have major curiosity when it comes to observing the creative processes others use, seeing/learning how certain images/quotes inspire their work etc. sigh! ❤ 😀 JAB, I'm totally loving your pinterest boards and look forward to seeing any others you create. 🙂

    1. That’s EXACTLY why I’m flailing to find images, though, Kelly. Because I’ve NEVER used images as prompts before. Not for characters. I’ve used them for ‘rooms’ and ‘outfits’ where I’ve needed help, but never a character. Beyond their hair colour, eyes colour, musculature/build, or characteristics that define them (eg: scratching head when nervous, etc), I don’t have a clear visual of their appearance–just them as a complete package, metaphysical presence included. Does that make sense?

      1. I totally get where you’re coming from. In my newest WiP, there are over a dozen characters and each one I can distinctly visualize in my head when writing them. As you said, perhaps a unique habit, the way they talk, etc. I never used a picture to create them. As I wrote them, their looks sort of evolved based on who they became (personality-wise). I would love to see a picture that could pass for each one but I suspect it still won’t be 100% what I visualize in my mind.

      2. Oh! I see what you’re getting at, yeah. You let reader imagination fill in the extra bits, the parts you aren’t describing, which lets the reader visualize the character in their own unique way. 🙂

        I don’t really go through and seek out specific pics, most of mine have been found via links through friends. So if I come across one and think “wow, I really like the innocence this girl portrays in this image” or “there’s something about the look in that guy’s eyes that makes me think he’s holding a deep, dark secret” or “a double hinged red door is a great touch for so-and-so’s house” then I’ll use those images as a reference for things I want to try to describe to the reader. I guess I equate it to an artist looking in the mirror to examine how a frown looks so they can depict it on paper. 🙂 I guess it’s more an insight into my thought process than “these are the people I envisioned as my characters” kinda thing. 🙂

        Wow, I see I’m taking up a lot of real estate here, lol! I’ll give others a chance to comment, too (and then I’ll be back to see what they said, hehehehehe!) 😀 😎

  3. Hngh…..The images I get in my head when reading a story never ‘quite’ reach film star status 🙂 which is why I never attach a Hollywood star to the characters I read about. Mainly because they just don’t ‘fit’.

    The imagination is a wonderful thing because it encompasses everything, and humans don’t 🙂 However, what one person’s vision of a character is, it doesn’t necessarily agree with another person’s vision. (OK being a bit negative here). So, I’m agreeing with Kelly here, in that Sean is Sean, because he’s that real to me

    Btw, I have a regular young customer to my shop who fits Sean to a ‘T’, but that’s my view and not necessarily anyone else’s 🙂


    1. I 100% agree. NO two people will ever have the exact mental image of a character. But that’s the beauty of individual imagination. 🙂

      Oh! And can I have directions to your shop. For a day your perfect Sean is calling in? Does he have a regular schedule? Hehehehe, maybe I should come do my next book launch there … With him visiting …. 😉

    2. Maybe I should mention I actually saw Kyle at my daughter’s school the other week. Yup. Kyle Larsen actually walked past me to the point I did a double take.

      Then I checked out his rear.

      Had to be sure, after all. 😉

  4. I definitely see Sean in my head more as David Boreanaz than Josh Hartnett…more because I’ve never found Josh Hartnett all that attractive, and I LOVE David Boreanaz, so I’d be more likely to think of him that way because of my personal preference.

    I’ve never really thought about it, though. I’m not the greatest at picking actors for book characters, I kind of like not having a set face to them, it’s nice being able to picture them however you want. 😉

    1. I’m inclined to agree, Ambur. Trying to match them up to someone else in existence is just too hard anyway. I recall arguing with my sister a while back about her choice for Clayton Danvers if those books ever made it to screen. No two people can 100% agree, I don’t think. 🙂

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