Yep, yep, in case you hadn’t figured it out, this month’s (late posted) series in the spotlight is:


So … my thoughts on this one, then? If I recall, I only read the first in the series because it was book of the month in one of my Goodreads groups and I do hate to stand aside when I could be participating. And whilst the series opener did have its issues, it was still a fun and light-hearted read with characters that caught my attention. Although, to be honest, had the successive books continued on at the same pace, with constant teasing of the sexual kind (the poor mc must have been about pulling her hair out), and if the main character hadn’t shown the development she had, I do wonder if I might have grown tired of the series before I reached where I have.

Please note: this series is not yet complete. There are more books to come. But here are my thoughts on each title so far:

Some Girls Bite. Meet Merit. The poor girl has just become a vampire through no choice of her own. In a setting where vampires are out in the public eye, Merit faces the struggles of her new … well, almost a new identity as she is suddenly seen differently—sometimes treated differently—by those around her. so much happens in this book, it’s almost impossible to describe it without a tonne of spoilers. Just know there’re not one but two hot male vampires who you keep hoping something will happen with (not together, of course), there’s an adorable shifter who you almost hope Merit will at least have a snog with, and there is a conspiracy afoot that (you’ve guessed it) newly turned vampire Merit manages to get to the bottom to—mostly because of her appointed role since becoming vampire. Yes, there is definite contriteness happening. Ignore it. Forget about it. Just read for enjoyments sake.

Friday Night Bites. At a guess, I’d have said this book was the authors first attempt at a second in a series, and she struggled with balancing the back-story with moving the current plot along. The beginning was a bit of a drag to get through. Due to the poorly-weaved recap of the previous novel, the pacing was screwy. However, once you get passed that, the story really kicks off and I flew through the rest of the tale with as much ease—if not more—than Some Girls Bite. Warning though: this book is left on a cliffhanger.

Twice Bitten. As so often happens with series, book three was where the author seemed to hit her stride. Redemption mixed with shifters galore, mystery, cuteness, decent plot, great pacing, and way cleaner writing. At this point? I was hooked.

Hard Bitten. Some of you may recall my series review for Georgina Kincaid where I reached the end of book three and was so much in shock I felt depressed. That’s pretty much exactly what happened to me with Hard Bitten. Throughout the last couple of books, around the plot, the author gives the reader exactly what they’re craving. Then at the end? Right at the very end? She blasted-well steals it all away again. I blarted like a newborn when the crap hit my emotional fan. And yet again, I found myself FURIOUS with an author. Whilst at the same time, respecting their balls.

Drink Deep. I RARELY rush straight out and buy a book just because I want it. in fact, I think I’ve only ever pre-ordered a book—or ordered on the day of release—twice in my life. However, after the abovementioned ending Hard Bitten left me at, even if my hands had been cuffed, I’d have figured out how to order Drink Deep using my damn nose to press the keys if I’d had to. No way on earth could I not have read on. Now … how to explain this one without major spoilers for the cliffhanger at the end of book 4? Hmmm. The ‘thing’ that is stolen away from the reader in the last book is now (obviously) missing in here. The gaping hole that the reader is left with also affects the characters of the book, and along with it the story. The tone is ‘low’ to reflect that, and one can’t help wonder if they’ll manage to tolerate an entire book where most of the cast appears depressed. In fact, the clanger at the end of book 4 had such an impact that around the first ¾ of this book simply felt … wrong. Until we get to the end. Ignore the fact that the foreshadowing wasn’t well enough cloaked for my liking, and head straight to the ending when we are hit with such a WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moment that I was left wondering how on earth the author expects she can get away with this. To the point that the joy I should have felt over what occurred was somewhat fogged by the confusion and frustration over the matter. I can only hope the author knows what she’s doing. This HUGE turn of events is either going to fall flat on its face and trash the series or its going to turn into something spectacular. However, I’ve come to trust the author (for the story-weaving abilities—NOT for delivering because she is The. Meanest. Author. To her readers Ever!), so I shall be placing my trust in her to lead me to greatness and am awaiting the release of Biting Cold like an eager beaver.

(As usual, all book title links lead directly to my reviews of each title)

So … if you can deal with a slowish start whilst the character finds her voice, if you love a little female-kick-assery and hot males, and if you don’t mind your emotions pogo-sticking around with some real wtf moments, then maybe you should give this one a try. My rating:

Maybe you’ve read it already, have it on your TBR pile, or have heard lots about it but don’t know if it’s for you. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. I am a HUGE fan of this series, although I have my concerns after Drink Deep. The next book should prove to be interesting, to say the least. Chloe Neill takes huge risks, so far, I THINK they will pay off, but that remains to be seen.

    1. I am REALLY looking forward to the next book. Fingers crossed, she’ll pull something awesome out of the bag. I think she needs to if she wants the keep her readers respect. 🙂

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