Oh, Heavens! I’ve Been Tagged!

I’m new to this game. Apparently, it’s been running around, taking over people’s blogs, but this is my first inclusion, thanks to the delightful (friend and fellow writer) Jen over at The Dreamweaver’s Cottage.The idea is to answer the sender’s 11 questions, then come up with your own 11 questions and pass them along to 11 bloggers.  They in turn answer your questions and link back to your site when done.   Fun, I know, right?

So here are Jen’s questions to me:

1.  What is your favorite board game?

I hate board games. Often refer to them as bored games. But if forced to pick one … I’d probably say … Harry Potter Scene It.

2.  If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

My bad money management years ago before I wizened up to the fact that everything has to be paid for eventually.

3.  The world is going to end in 24 hours.  How do you spend your last day on earth?

In the kitchen, with Mr B & the Mini-Me’s, eating all of our favourite crap and having a food fight that requires us to then go mess up a bathroom no one will have to worry about cleaning.

4.  Would you stay with the one who loves you or go back to the one you love? (and no, they aren’t the same people)

Hell, I’d move both dudes in together and tell the pair of them to put up with it.

5.  Who is your favorite literary villain?  Why?

Jaz from Personal Demon. He might have been the bad guy, but he couldn’t help himself—it was all down to his sick and twistedness. The cutie had such an awesome personality complete with vulnerability that made you want to fall in love with him and totally suckered you in—the you tell yourself not to be so harsh when the suspicions kick in.

6.  If you could fly, what creature of flight would you be?

I have flown in my dreams. And I always fly as myself. but if I had to fly ‘as’ something ‘other’, then I’d say angel.

7.  You’ve won a prestigious award for your novel.  The award ceremony is the same night and same time as your child’s high school graduation ceremony.  Which one do you go to?

Meh, I’m known to avoid the spotlight at all costs, so it’s an easy choice of the grad ceremony.

8.  You’ve been abducted by a literary guild of intergalactic aliens.  The only way you can go home is if you write a logline about your life.  What is your logline?

If only J.A. could have figured it all out sooner; thankfully, it’s never too late until you refuse to allow yourself to try.

(Pretty crap, eh? There’s a reason my publisher doesn’t let me write my own blurbs any more)

9.  Favorite book as a child?  As an adult?

I recall devouring every Famous Five novel by Enid Blyton, as well as every Amelia Jane story. So it might be safe to say she was my favourite author until I discovered Judy Blume. However, the book that has always stayed with me from the youngest age was one called Teeny Tiny and the Witch. I dog-eared the poor article, I read it so much.

As an adult … cripes. Seriously, no idea … at the moment, I think it might be Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout. It might be YA but I’ve recently finished it and it pretty much blew me away.

10.  You’ve been told your book is going to be made into a movie?  What’s the first thing you do?


11.  What is your happiest memory?

Reuniting with Mr B when I was 17 after losing touch for 18 months.

And here are my forwarding 11 questions:

1. You’re stranded on a snowy mountain after the aircraft transporting you to [wherever the heck you like] makes a crash landing. Out of the 6 passengers and 2 pilots, only 2 have survived. You … and some dude who looks shockingly like your number 1 book boyfriend. But … you’ve now been stranded for close to 89 hours, and the closest you’ve seen to a food source is staring right back at you. So … which part of him do you plant o eat first?

2. So … you have an evening of glitz and glamour ahead. But being the super secret spy you are, you already foresee the night ending in a run for your life (or to protect your anonymity). Which means the all important decision of footwear becomes a little complicated. Do you go for your favourite pair of freakishly awesome Jimmy Choos and hope you don’t end up on a cobblestone street? Or do you say to heck with it, and wear a skirt long enough to cover your battered Nikes?

3. If a global law was instated that each and every citizen of every country could only ever eat ONE type of cake for the duration of their lives and they each had to sign a contract binding them to their decision, what cake would you choose as your ‘can’t live without’?

4. If you could choose ANY book (no matter how impossible the graphics required might seem) to be made into a film (movie for the U.S.ers), what book would you choose?

5. Okay, seeing as I brought it up above in the stranded question I have to know: who’s your No 1 (ONLY1!) book boyfriend? The. Ultimate. Fictional Male. Of your dreams!?

6. And still with the book boyfriend, we’ll presume you didn’t eat all of him before the two of you were rescued, and he’s a forgiving kind of guy. So now he’s agreed to a date that doesn’t have him on the menu (at least not as the starter, anyway, if you get my gist). What’s the date? Where, what, why, how?

7. The government are clamping down on the atrocity otherwise known as social networking. Every social networker is permitted only one platform. So … which one can’t you live without? Choose your poison.

8. The hot girl always used to pick on you at school. She had all the boys flocking round her. All the cool kids following behind like sniffer dogs after crack (no pun intended … honestly). And some years have passed since you walked out of those school gates for the last time and thanked the heavens you’d never have to deal with her again. But then you walk into your local burger bar … and get served … by Miss Popular. Except she most certainly ain’t looking quite so pretty any more. To add to that, the server next to her is asking how she got on with finding a baby sitter for her rambunctious triplets. Tell me: is she worth your scorn? Or can you not resist the impulse to wallow in your better life?

9. Okay, an easier one for you as I’ve been pretty hard: what is your EARLIEST childhood memory? Is it even from this lifetime? 😉

10. If you could travel through time, which year would you travel back to and why?

11. And finally: we’ve suddenly discovered an anonymous donor is willing to pay for us all to get together but we only have 24 hours to argue and fight discuss rationally the destination. Which city’s corner are you fighting for?

Tag! You’re It recipients.  If you participate, please make sure you leave a link back to where you answered my questions.

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Go, go, gooooooooooooooooo!

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  1. Hee hee! I loved all of your answers, but #4 made me laugh out loud. I really, really like the questions you came up with, too. I love #1 and might just actually steal it to write a short story (if you don’t mind).

    I knew there was a reason I liked your demented mind. I wish those you tagged good luck in answering your questions. I’ll have to pop back in to see their answers. Thanks for participating. That was fun.

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