He’s hot,

helps girls when lost,

and they call him Mr Frost.

He’s also dark and yum

and he has a lovely bum …

(or so I’ve heard *cough*).

Yes, my guest for the day is Touch of Frost’s: Willem.

W: *scratches hair and looks for a hole to crawl into*

J: *Turns to the dark haired hunk sitting opposite whilst eyeing the rather large puss at his feet* Hi, Willem. *smile* Thanks for coming.

W: Yeah, hi Julie.  Thanks for having me here … where’d you say we are?  Don’t get out much. *pats Calla while she whines*

J: The UK, Will. Don’t worry, we’ll have you home soon. If it’s okay with you, I’d quite like to give your readers a chance to understand you even deeper than they already might do. To discover the Willem beneath the surface. The guy behind the scenes. You game?

W: *jacks up a brow* Ah, yeah, I guess.  Not much more to know other than what you see, though, but ask away.

J: Thanks. It’s clear from reading Touch of Frost that you’ve had quite a ‘thing’ for Lauren since she was pretty young (even though you waited until much later to break all the rules—mucho romantic by the way). How about you explain how that works to anyone visiting today. Is it some kind of imprinting or connection of soul mates deal? What was it exactly that drew you to her on so deep a level?

W: *grins* She is quite a spark plug, that one.  There’s no magic between us, I just found an old soul alive in a beautiful woman and she drew me in no matter how hard I tried to stop myself.  You see, most folks hate the snow, go around complaining about the cold and the wet.  Not her.  She sees it as natural art, to be admired and as something to play in.  *shakes head* Most city folk don’t know how to play anymore, and don’t stop long enough to admire the amazing world around them.  That’s what made me want to know her, because she found her true self on the mountainside even though she didn’t realize it for a while.

J: Saving humans: did you do that for fun (just in case anyone’s wondering if they’d have a chance with a weather mage by tossing themselves into danger, like Lauren did to get your attention)? Or was it only your yen for Lauren that had you constantly protecting her wellbeing?

W: *chuckles* Awkward.  Yeah, that’s just Lauren.  I couldn’t imagine a world without her in it, so despite breaking the first law of my people, I made sure she was always safe in the place she loved.  I’d do it over again in a heartbeat, too.

J: I’m intrigued by the whole weather mage deal. But what I’m even more intrigued about is where you seemingly disappeared to when you weren’t not around. Were you still there but invisible? Or did you have a private hideaway you waltzed away to? Care to give any details about what ‘home’ was like?

W: Well, I can’t tell you much because they might just come back down here and snatch me away, but I’ll tell you what I can.  *shivers* The mages and elementals are born in another realm not unlike your earth, though it’s quite a bit smaller.  Most of us live within our element, water within the oceans, air upon the clouds, fire in the flaming pits of Coramine.  I was born at Winter Haven, where the temperature doesn’t make it above -30 or so.  Still have a few brothers left there who don’t have the gifts I do, so they’ll always live there.  When those of us who have gifts come of age, we’re abandoned on earth to find our animal guide.  *Pats Calla as she yowls proud cat sounds at him* Animals are pretty good judges of character, and if we can’t convince one of them to become our permanent link to the upper realm, we remain on earth and our powers are taken away.

J: And how did that whole business with the cabin work? When you were gone it looked rotten. When you returned: spanking. Was this a magical connection between yourself and an earthly place you were grounded to? Did you have to magically transform it yourself, or was in a (super)natural occurrence you played no conscious part in?

W: That was magic.  I found the old place and spruced it up just enough to live in, but still let me feel like I was living close to the elements.  I could hear my winds howl and the snow patting against the tin roof.  Calla really likes it too, don’t you girl? *She bunts his hand and meows again*

J: Do you miss any of that magic—now you’ve chosen Lauren over the only existence you’ve ever known? I guess what I’m really asking is: any regrets?

W: I do miss my brothers, but I know they understand I’m happy now, so it’s all good.  All I’ve wanted for the last ten years is to be near Lauren, to listen to her voice, to watch her when she gets all fascinated with something simple like the sunrise.  *shrugs* Besides, another mage took my place, and she keeps us in lots of snow.  To see Lauren twirling around outside her cabin staring up at the falling flakes makes me one happy guy.

J: Cute. And let’s not forget everything’s changed for Calla, too. *scratches big, intimidating puss on the head* You think Calla’ll stick around for the life-of-less excitement? Cats are pretty territorial—maybe lynx’s are, too—so how do you think she’ll deal with having to share her saviour and best friend with a woman?

W: *holds belly while he laughs*  Well, considering I have to fight the old girl for my place in the bed every night when Lauren’s all curled up around her, I’d say she’s adjusting just fine.  She never really liked the other realm, so I’m sure she won’t miss it there.  This mountain always has been, and always will be, her home.  She loves Lauren just as much as I do—in fact, the two always gang up on me outside.  *nudges Calla and grins at her* One of these days Lauren and I are going to have a fair snowball fight without you flattening me, you hear?

J: *Sigh* Looks like the ladies don’t really stand a chance with you then, eh?

W: *gives an awkward chuckle and edges away* Nope.  My heart’s long gone, wrapped around Lauren until forever. 

J: Oh, well. Thanks anyway for visiting today. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have you here on my blog.

W: Been a real pleasure talking to you, too, Julie.  You need to come across that big blue and visit us some time.

J: Be careful of the invites you dish out, Will. You might just end up with a visitor. *wink*


I hope you all enjoyed the interview. For those of you intrigued enough to want to know more, here’s the cover (image is linked to its Goodreads page) and blurb:

(From Goodreads …)

Even the simplest of touches between Will Frost and Lauren McLean are forbidden.
To share love will surely mean death.
Since her granddad’s passing, Lauren has existed a few steps out of sync with the world. Desperate to feel the love only he offered her as a child, Lauren returns to the haven they once shared — a snow-covered cabin at the foothills of the Rockies.
It’s not the memory of her granddad that warms her ice-cold, frost-bitten body after being caught in a blizzard, though. It’s the man in whose bed she wakes.
Along with bringing life to her soul, Will stirs deep-rooted memories in Lauren and brings out the love she seeks.
What Will knows about himself — the secrets of his kind — he keeps hidden, forcing Lauren to search for answers, to question and ultimately put her life, and his own existence, in danger.
In love though, there is always a way.
Can Will get around the rules? Or will Lauren give up her life simply to have one last touch from Will Frost?

Sounds pretty cool, right? (pun intended) Well, I happen to know that it is, so you should deffo be adding it to your to-read list.

Thank you all for visiting. You can find out more about Touch of Frost HERE and Jocelyn Adams on her website, FB page, or Twitter.



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