For some reason, I felt a yen to share this one. Yes, yes, it IS possibly because I happen to be headlining, hehehe.

However, I figured as I know a fair few writer folk, and have quite a few connections with said writer folk through Twitter and whatnot, I figured I’d give them all the heads up just in case it was something they fancied.

So … from the blog of J. Taylor:

Make Believe… where illusion can’t hide all the secrets.

Make Believe, our winter 2012 anthology, will feature stories based on the photo above. No matter the setting, no matter the characters, something in the photo above must influence the writing, the characters, the scene, something in the story.

However, as it so very obviously looks like Red Riding Hood, we will accept no Red Riding Hood stories. Your story must be unique an not a rewrite of the famed, old tale.

This is a winter release to capitalize on Christmas and New years, so keep that in mind when formulating your stories or submitting.

Make Believe features J.A. Belfield author of Darkness & Light and Instinct with her tale,  Escort to Insanity.

We’re looking for 3-5 other awesome stories, by wonderfully creative authors such as yourself, to complete the 40,000 – 50,000 word Anthology due to release December 3, 2012.

Have a story you want to send? Make sure it:

  • is at least 5,000 but no more than 10,000 words in length
  • includes something that is relevant or related to the photo at the top of this post
  • has a happily ever after (HEA) or happily for now (HFN) ending (whether it’s romance or not)
  • is not erotic. Your story may be romance with high sensuality but should not be erotic.
  • is written for the 18+ audience

What will not be considered:

  • Any story that falls into our ‘we do not publish’ category in our Author F.A.Q.
  • Previously published stories
  • Stories previously declined by J. Taylor Publishing.

Make Believe is open for submissions from January 12, 2012 through April 11, 2012 unless filled prior to the close. Authors will be paid a percent of sales and be provided with a copy of the ebook as well. All Anthologies and Novellas may be put into print, but initial release is in ebook.

Ready to submit?

Use our submissions form to submit, however, in the field labeled: “Attach your first chapter (5000 words max) in PDF form only” include your entire story instead.

Any questions?

Contact us!

What do you reckon? Sound up your alley? Well, you still have a couple of months. So get writing. 🙂