February is jam-packed busy for me. It looks to be one of my busiest blogging months to date. Instinct released 2nd January, and due to my falling behind a little (because of being away over Christmas) in my scheduling and planning, most of my blog stops to promote that are booked throughout this upcoming month.

I’ve participated in interviews galore, guest posts galore, as well as some giveaways—spanning across 9 participating blogs over the next 4 weeks. But by far, my busiest week is Valentine week.

And why shouldn’t it be?

With an Eternal postcard giveaway happening on the 13th  and running parallel to my appearance for an interview at Tina’s Book Reviews, the tail end of my Follower Hop Giveaway on the 14th alongside an interview with Sean Holloway hosted by Ambur @ Burning Impossibly Bright, a visit to my blog on the 15th from Willem Frost of Jocelyn Adams’ Touch of Frost, as well as my regular Freeview Friday slot on the 17th … you’d think that’d be enough, right?

Apparently not!

For some bizarre reason, I didn’t think that was enough love to share. And I went and decided to host a Newletter Subscriber Exclusive Giveaway on top of it all.

Yup, anyone signed up for my newsletter will receive an additional newsletter this month. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, it will arrive on the 14th with details of a giveaway that only subscribers can enter.

Not subscribed yet but sooooooo want to be a part of this giveaway? No worries. The link for subscribing to my newsletter is permanently in my sidebar over yonder =>>>

Or, because I’m in a giving mood this month—maybe because it’s my 17th wedding anniversary on the 11th, too—you can get to the subscription form simply by clicking HERE!

Look out for more Newsletter Subscription Exclusive Giveaway‘s because I shall certainly be organising more in the future.

That is all. 🙂