THE ‘WHAT IF’ GAME! #whatifgame

First up apologies for leaving it so long before bringing you this month’s ‘what if’ game. Due to a mega-busy blogging schedule I didn’t think I’d have time, and I (if I’m honest) even considered axing them due to time constraints. But then I received a comment a week or so ago on an earlier what-if game post that moved me, and then I received a blog award and my what-if game posts seemed to be what earned me the award … and so I’m now eating humble pie and delivering what I hould have already delivered.

So, that said, here we go …

Rules are simple: All you have to do is read the below scenario, then imagine it is YOURSELF in there and leave a comment detailing what YOU would do. Not written as a character. But written as yourself.

Okay? Ready?

Here’s your scenario:

Mother said I should never open the box.

Okay, not strictly true.

Mother said I should never open the box … except in extreme circumstances.

I haven’t seen Mother for 15 days.

Not since those … creatures attacked the house. Not since she made me lock myself in the cellar … with the box … and told me not to come out.

Does this count as an extreme circumstance?

The growl of my stomach, the soreness of my lips, the dry desert, which used be my throat, refusing to allow more than one-syllable-sounds to escape … they all argue that if it isn’t an extreme circumstance already then it soon will be.

The surface of the box glides beneath my fingertips that have already gone numb. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need touch to know of the walnut veneer, the gold clasp shaped like a fist that’s afraid to lose hold, the amethyst-looking gemstones embedded into the outside edge of the lid—even in the pitch black, with only the luminous display of my watch as company, my memory won’t allow me to forget what it looks like.

I listen one more time. Just in case. But no noise greets me. Not even from beyond the house.

‘I’m sorry, Mother,’ I whisper inside my mind. ‘I have no choice.’

With fingers too shaky from lack of fuel to fully function, I locate the tiny metallic hand … and with one twist, the lid is released

Annnnd, the floor is yours. What’s in the box? What happens next?

Feel free to join in and create your own ‘what-if’s. Simply use the hashtag for posting to Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “THE ‘WHAT IF’ GAME! #whatifgame

  1. Easy! The box is a portal. It opens up into a new world, and when I step out, there is a note attached to the nearest tree. “Dear Jennifer, if you are reading this they found me. You need to find Jason. He will know what to do.”

    Sorry… you set me up with such a great fantasy opening… I had to go for it. Who need reality anyway.

  2. and……….nothing. I don’t know quite what I expected to happen, but I did expect SOMETHING. Well……hell and damnation! Now what? I decide that if I’m going to do something like, I don’t know, maybe ……live, then I’m going to have to leave this cellar. I press the button on my watch to check the time. Of course with my luck it turns out to be dead. And I realize that the box is no longer in my lap! i scrabble around on the floor searching for it! Damn my weak, shaking hands. I’m not sure i would feel it if they found it.
    I start to crawl towards the door. It’s slow going and very painful dragging myself over all the rocks and dirt. What? Rocks and dirt. Hmmmmm, interesting. My cellar had a concrete floor. Somewhat glad that lack of food and water had me partially braindead, I contemplated the possibilies. My answer: I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto. The box must have done this. Whatever “this” was.
    I decided to keep trying to get somewhere, so i commenced with the dragging again. After a while I saw a light. Yes! I was getting closer. I kept pulling myself along, leaving blood and bits of skin and nails behind. It looked like I was in a cave or tunnel of some kind based on what I could see from the light filtering in from the opening. Dark rocks and dirt formed curving walls, up to a ceiling I could barely see. Wow, this was a big cave!
    I collapsed onto the ground, limbs shaking and numb. I was going to have to rest awhile. just close my eyes for a minute. right as they fluttered closed I heard footsteps. My eyes snapped open in alarm, head turnin g to the sound. In the weak light I make out a man. Tall and wearing some kind of uniform, vaguley military looking. He sqats beside me and asks if I’m alright.
    “Yaaa…” my voice trails away weakly as I stare at him. He is gorgeous, made even more so by the canteen of water he holds to my lips.
    I take a few sips before he pulls it away. “Thanks”, I mamage to rasp.
    “Who are you and what are you doing here?” he demands. His voice is amazing, smooth and gentle.
    “I’m looking for my mother and I dont even know where here is much less how I got here”.
    His only reply is scowl. He studies me, taking in the bllod and dirt and stains and pallor. “Start at the beginning” he orders.
    So I tell my insane story. How my mom hid and protected a box my whole life, how it was a big secret, how it probably was why the nightmare devil dog creatures atrtacked my house and most likely ate my mother. How i nearly died sitting in the dark, waiting and hoping. How I opened the box and ended up here, telling a stranger a story that could potentially get me killed. The whole time I talked he just stared at me without a sound.
    Finally he spoke, “This is the gate between our world and earth. The box was a key to get you here, you do not appear to have the key to get back. Your mother must have been from here, since she had one. What is her name?”
    “Evelinda” I answered, “Evelinda Gold”
    His eyes grew very wide. He looked spooked. Afraid. Finally he said quietly “Welcome home, princess.”

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