Earlier this year, a fellow writer introduced me to Briggs’s books. I wasn’t familiar with the series or the author name, but I was excited because unless you broaden your horizons you pretty fast run out of reading material in a singular genre. Within days, I had the first 5 books in her series in my hands and I FLEW through them. So, with great pleasure, I announce January’s book series:


This was pretty new to me, reading a title with so many different supernaturals in it (if I discount Sookie Stackhouse that kind of went to the extreme), and I loved that each title seemed to centre around a particular race so the reader isn’t totally bombarded with meeting them all and learning their ins and outs in a singular book. And with a first in a series that pretty much dives right into the fray of things, it’s a little hard not to get sucked in.

Does she hold up throughout the entire series, though?

You’ll have to read on, to hear my opinion on the matter.

Here’s what I think of each title:

Moon Called. As said above, this book dives right into the action and hooks you on its way past so you have no choice but to get hauled along for the ride. Despite the story being full of werewolves, a female VW mechanic shifter—amongst other supernatural’s—Brigg’s introduces to a believable (and intriguing) world, an entire cast of full-bodied characters, and a decent plot. I reached the end and had no qualms about picking up book #2.

Blood Bound. About halfway through this book I began to realise there might not be much romance in this series. Yes, I knew it was urban fantasy and not PNR but often even UF has some smooching going on. So far, I’d seen pretty much nothing. HOWEVER, that didn’t seem to bother me as much as it could merely because I’d become totally invested in the main character and even if she wasn’t getting it on with the couple hunky weres in the forefront of the story, they most certainly had my attention and I loved reading the slight progression in relationships in this one. And in a somewhat twisted way, I really enjoyed the goriness of this title too.

Iron Kissed. Brigg’s surpassed herself with this one. Not only was the plot bang-up but the execution of it was powerful. Any who don’t quite see the appeal of Adam prior to this should begin changing their minds. Any who love Samuel will want to hug him and stroke him better. And any who are as invested in Mercy as I was will spend the latter section of this book in tears. There were scenes that were most likely difficult to write, and may be difficult to read for some, but they were so subtly written in a way that eased the reader through without leaving them permanently emotionally scarred for life yet still pack the desired punch. This one was, by far, my favourite of the series.

Bone Crossed. Okay, this one took us out of the emotional meltdown of book 3 and sent us into the realm of creepy. This one gave me the shudders for sure. I guess it was my own fault as I read the eeriest scene right before bed—silly me. With the fresh plot, great character and relationship development, this one should have been a definite win. HOWEVER, this was the first book where the grand finale left me somewhat wanting and was a little deflating after such a great read.

Silver Borne. Another cool read with yet another set of problems for Mercy to deal with. This is a book with consistent action right the way through … until we reach the end. Yet again, the finale seemed rushed and incomplete and somewhat unfulfilling. I couldn’t help but feel like the author was just glad to write ‘The End’ and it’s that which lost this one its fifth star (as happened with #4)

River Marked. Okay, where to start. Maybe I should begin by saying this is the first in this series that is currently a DNF. I started it back before the summer. I made it to 70% before I stopped simply because it was barely holding my attention. Briggs completely loses everything I’ve loved about the series from this title. It seems to suddenly go from UF to borderline PNR but without the fast-paced action that’s required for even that genre to keep the readers breaths panting out an erratic tune. Mercy and Adam are taken from their usual team of backup characters and it seems to be all about them. From a series that has been wholly about Mercy and all the trouble she seems to land herself in, for a title to suddenly revolve around her relationship and history instead kind of knocked my perception of the series off kilter. THOUGH, I have to say upon reading reviews written by others that not everyone feels that way. Whilst some agree with me, there are definitely plenty who enjoyed the chance to see some romance, to spend some time alone with Mercy and Adam and to learn all about Mercy’s heritage. I’m not saying none of that interested me. It just wasn’t made exciting enough to hold my interest. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick it back up and finish it at some point. But at the moment I’ve stalled out and won’t read on until I have some kind of assurances that book 7 (due out in 2013) gets its game back on.


So … if you have preference for a decent action-packed and well-paced read with a likeable MC, fanciable males, and a strong supporting cast, then you’ll most likely enjoy this. Despite not completing the latest title, I have absolutely no regrets reading the first 5 in the series—in fact, as I didn’t review #6, I’ll not base my rating on it, which means as each title bar #3 scored 4* from me, I’m going for the same here:


Maybe you’ve read it already, have it on your TBR pile, or have heard lots about it but don’t know if it’s for you. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. You said it!! This is a super series, but “River Marked” didn’t do it for me either 🙂

    Mercy Thompson is a lovely kick-*ss heroine, and the scrapes she gets into satisfy my PNR bent. They are very well written (as are the “Alpha and Omega” series – an off-shoot of the first couple of books – with different characters which expand Mercy’s world).

    However, I am a trusting reader (:)) and will continue to read Briggs in the hope that she returns to her (former) best!

    So glad you enjoyed them!

    1. I have a couple A&O stories on my Kindle but I’ve been beta-reading so much lately my ‘published’ reading time has reduced lately. I will get around to them, though. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, you didn’t like River Marked? Strange. I am one of those mysterious “others” who did like it.

    I really enjoyed seeing Mercy and Adam have some bonding time away from their comfort zone. But the best part for me was seeing Mercy’s history and how she learns more about her Walker heritage. One of my favorite scenes is where she meets Coyotes sisters and talks with them.

    You really should finish this book. How they get everyone together to deal with River Monster and the entire outcome, it is another Mercy style action packed extravaganza. I can’t wait for the next book!

    1. It’s not that I don’t find it interesting, Judy, just that the pace wasn’t quite hauling me along fast enough. But if you say it’s worth reading on then I’ll try and reach the end as soon as I’ve finished with my beta projects I’m committed to. Thanks for coming in and spurring me on. 🙂

      1. LOL. No problem, I would hate for you to miss the ending and resolution that wraps everything up. I agree that the pacing was a little slower, but I think that was reflective of the fact that Mercy and Adam were “trying” to be on their honeymoon. Additionally, we have a bunch of new characters being introduced with absolutely no history to be reflected on or alluded to. If the characters had instantly jumped to best-bud status, it would have felt unrealistic to the characters. Remember, Mercy and Adam circled each other for years before admitting how they felt to each other. Both of these characters are slow to trust and take their time building relationships. Plus, Mercy has been trying to actually think before just reacting to events. That is going to slow the pace down for a bit, but I think will lead to better adventures in the end.

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