Why am I woo-hoo’ing, you ask?

Well, because a parcel arrived today that I’d pretty much given up on.

I knew it was coming. The sender advised me at the beginning of December that she’d popped it in the post. After two weeks bled into three, then four and more, we assumed it lost.

And then today … it came.


So … to add to my collection, and to stand alongside the goodies I received in yesterday’s package, here’s what was in my parcel …

One lovely, shiny copy of Keri Lake’s Somnium: Halos 1, which just happens to be …

signed by above-mentioned Keri Lake,

One box of Godiva Choccies … NOM! Heheeee, everyone who knows me knows I love to nom on chocs. Annnnd …

One note from the author that made me chortle like a good un. Hehehehe. (For any who can’t quite see it, she asks me to crit her note for her, narf).

See? More goodies for lucky ole me. Thankeeeee very much to Keri Lake for sending these to me. I’m just happy I’ve already read this one on my Kindle because the cover is too pretty to crease.

How about you guys? Has your New year gotten off to a good start?


6 thoughts on “MORE GOODIES IN THE POST!

  1. Lucky, lucky you!!
    OK Green with envy here!

    But enjoy your goodies – I’m sure they’re worth it πŸ™‚

  2. Holy schmoly!! You’re just now receiving this?! Shame on me for sending just before Christmas :\
    So glad it finally arrived! Book 2 is on it’s way! Kidding of course. Lol. Book two is still in the shop being worked on πŸ˜‰

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