I don’t often share my private life with you all so this is a rare moment, but I had such an awesome time on Christmas day I felt compelled to blog about it.

This year, we headed to the west coast of Wales to visit Mrs B Senior (translate: my MiL). Lucky for us, she lives around 15 minutes from the beach—and as Mr B has visited the area (prior to his mum moving there) since he was still in nappies (diapers to the US’ers), he knows most of those nooks and crannies that the tourists never even know exist.

So, Christmas morning, he woke us up early with breakfast in bed (expected of him whenever we visit his mum) and me and the (not so) Mini-Me headed off on one of his magical mystery tours (the other Mini-Me was a little poorly and so stayed behind).

He drove past Military of Defence land, across cattle grids, past old buildings and pretty holiday homes … until we reached Stackpole Quay.

That was a cool enough spot to visit.

Apparently, it wasn’t cool enough for Mr B.

He made us climb slippery steel ladders up the Cliffside and then up some steps … until we reached the fields that give an amazing view of the beach below and the sea.

Then we traipsed across mud (because of torrential rain the day before) and dodged rabbit droppings and almost got blown over by mega gusts of wind … and after around 20 minutes of walking came across another beach.

One that had only 2 other people on it when we arrived. And the view from the top before we ventured down was spectacular.

Anyhoo … we jogged down the ton of steps to the bottom where I found a rather large stick and took to scoring my mark in the sand.

I did consider doing an autograph but worried about the stampede of fans clambering just to see it. O_o

Instead I left the ‘BELFIELD’ calling card trademark … then Mr B insisted I write Merry Christmas. Of course, I probably should have added a little more just to ensure the message made sense but … meh, my arm was aching by that point—especially as the bigger letters were almost 3 times my body length.

Then, I made Mr B and the (not so) Mini-Me run all the way to the top just to take pics.

Wouldn’t you know a load of rambler-looking folk chose that moment to show up and took great interest in the meaningful message that had been left in the sand. *snort*

Annnnnnd … then we all went home and watched Mr B cook dinner. Hehehehehe.

Oh, yes, that’s the MiL’s puss, Lady Jane Grey, who kept me company whilst visiting, hehehe.

So … how was your Christmas day? Do anything interesting?


10 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS AT THE BEACH!

  1. Wow! That beach is spectacular! And hehehe, the letters… I was like, oh that looks nice. But then you said they were THREE TIMES YOUR BODY LENGTH and I was like WHOA! Uh, yeah your arms would be aching! Incredible, I’m glad the guys were able to get a pic, hehe! What a nice time and sigh! look how cute Lady Jane Grey is. 🙂

  2. Awesome Christmas and I LOVE the sand writing. 🙂 On our beaches that would be there for MAYBE 2 minutes before the ocean erases it. 🙂 So cool you had enough time to go take pics!! Sounds altogether like a wonderful day. 🙂 🙂

    1. Twas a great day. Thanks, Aimee. I doubt it lasted long on that beach either as the tide turned whilst I was writing it and had crept up a few feet by the time they guys took the pic, but at least we got to show it off to some folk. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Wales definitely has some lovely places!!
    So glad you had a wonderful Christmas Day!! and the photos are brill!!

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