Christmas is but 3 days away (wheeeeeeeeeeeee!) and I wanted to leave you all with something a little fun … a kind of gift … for you to participate in.

Yes, I know last year’s gift ‘One for the ladies‘ is almost unbeatable without writing you all an erotic piece of flash but I didn’t want to go that route.

Instead, to send you all on your merry crimble way, I’ve written a scene for a fun game of GUESS WHO?

Yep, this snippet depicts some of the Holloway Pack … (dare I say it?) before they were famous (ha!).

My challenge to you is this: Guess Who‘s the toddler?

Thick dark hair stands on end, as defiant over laying flat as the boy is over smiling for the camera. His eyes, as dark as rich cocoa yet nowhere near as warm—not in this moment—stare across at the bundle in his mother’s lap.

Her fussing with the soft fleecy blanket reveals a robust baby with hair as dark as the toddler’s and almost as thick. This only seems to determine the grim line of the boy’s mouth further as his pudgy little arms fold over his puffed out chest. Not even the mother finally giving him her attention seems to waver his mood.

“Son.” His father, on the far side of his mother, leans around and beckons him closer. “Come on now. Come and stand by your mother.”

With an impressive scowl, the boy shakes his head.

A hulk of a guy behind the camera barks out a laugh. “Boy’s stubborn as a mule.”

“Wonder where he gets that from,” his mother mutters before she aims a smile at the toddler. “If you come and have your picture taken, Mummy will make you jelly and blancmange.”

The boy’s head tilts, as though he’s considering the barter, whilst the narrowing of his eyes suggests he’s waiting for the catch. Still, he refuses to smile. Refuses to step closer. And his folded arms tighten across his chest.

“Boy,” his father says, his expression firm, “you will come and stand by your mother. That is an order. Do you understand?”

The boy stares back at his father for seconds before he drags his feet across as though wading through a marsh. At his mother’s side, his fingers toy with the hem of her skirt, yet he still refuses to give the lens his full attention.

As the flash blinds the family on the sofa, the boy’s focus is wholly on the baby occupying his mother’s lap—the lap where he should be sitting—and he does not look happy.

So … d’you know who it is yet? Hehehehe.




  1. Hmmm….I’m guessing my favorite of the Holloway pack? And I just wanna pinch his wittle cheekies! He’s so darn cute. (of course, now that he’s older…*cough*) Yes, so Ethan…I’m going with *dreamy stare* Ethan.

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