Good Sunday, everyone!

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From my novella, Instinct (Sean Holloway’s POV):

I raced the way I’d come, bursting through the trees onto the path before her.

She gasped, and her fingers flew to her lips, those blue eyes of hers widening.

“Jem, please wait.” I raised my palms in apology.

Her hand pressed to her chest as she took deep breaths. “Do you always accost unsuspecting victims?”

Sean could (*cough*) accost me any day of the week.

To be continued next week …

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19 thoughts on “ACCOSTED … OR ONE LUCKY GIRL? #sixsunday

  1. Great combination of action and dialogue. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful snippets. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Ax

  2. Don’t run away, Jem, it’s SEAN! *sigh!* I really liked how you plunged us right in to the action here, you actually had me holding my breath until the last sentence. Very nice work. And *ahem-hehe* Sean can accost me too *whispers* anytime. 😉 He’s so dreamy 😀

  3. That boy’s taking his life in his hands. Lucky for him she’s not the type to punch first and ask questions later. 🙂

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