Anyone who follows my reviews or chats to me on Goodreads will know how much this months spotlighted series had me up and down and high and low and pretty much on the verge of an emotional meltdown. For that reason alone, it is deserving of its place here. So, with great pleasure, I announce Decembers book series:


Where to start? Boy, I barely know. I flew through the first book for my Readathon in October. It was fast, easy, and entertaining. And yeah, I definitely had a soft spot for Seth by the end and realised I would without a doubt be reading on. Though, I will say the first book in the series surprised me. For a series with ‘Succubus’ in every title, there was in actual fact very little sexual content. I think maybe the author was breaking us in gently because it did increase in the other titles. I could waffle on here about this entire series but I think it will be easier to go through each book individually to give you an idea of my ups and downs as an obsessed (or is that possessed?) reader. What I will say, however, is that the Georgina Kincaid series is the first series I’ve ever read that I have consistently rated each title the same—because Read’s writing was just that level, from start to finish.

Okay, onward:

Succubus Blues. As said above, this is the book where the author gets your attention. There is a love triangle that isn’t quite a love triangle because one guy barely does anything about his feelings (that would be the delightful and extremely loveable Seth) whilst the other is very much unafraid to go for the throat of what he wants (the mucho likable—for totally different reasons—Roman). Yet, whilst both guys are hawt in their individual kind of ways, you still can’t help but realise from the off which one of them is the ‘right’ guy for our Georgina, even if it doesn’t quite appear as though it’s going to swing that way. Pretty much: this is the novel that grabs you by the [insert word choice] and makes you fall in love with the characters.

Succubus on Top. Whilst I didn’t think the author quite grasped which she wanted to be the main point of the plot in this one, leaving it split in two different directions so I wasn’t sure which way to head, this was full of heartbreak. I got mad with the MC—despite understanding her frustrations and reasons. I was even madder at Georgina’s so-called friend (said with utter disdain) and couldn’t wait for him to be swiped from the novel with a heavy hope that he’d never show his face again. I do recall feeling as though one of those above-mentioned directions wasn’t quite tied up tight enough at the end, and I expected a reappearance from one of the issues, but that never happened so that’s one thread in the series left dangling a little too low for my liking.

Succubus Dreams. Yeah, I wouldn’t bother clicking the link for this one. The author broke my heart. Right at the end. I was mad. I was depressed. I was disappointed—as much in the author for doing what she did to ME as the character that put me in this emotional state. I just wanted to cry. My review ended up being a non-review because I was simply too upset to think straight enough to write one. I almost rated this book a 1 I was so p*****. But, being the mature adult I am, I took a step back and re-evaluated and realised the very fact the author had drawn forth so much raw emotion from me meant she had obviously done a bang-up job in her execution. I shall say no more than that—except have a box of tissues handy if you ever read it.

Succubus Heat. This one has the MC sleuthing and spying and rescuing and whatnot. A blast from an earlier novel shows up (one I’d almost forgotten about). Things between the MC and Seth look good for a short-lived while. And whilst I totally predicted some of the plot that Georgina was blind to, it didn’t retract from my enjoyment of the read at all. Great sensual scenes in this novel—ones the readers have most likely been waiting for from the beginning. That’s all I’m saying.

Succubus Shadows. This is the book where I dared to hope that I might actually have a reason to forgive Mead for the earlier torment. There is some cool writing in this one. Considering the MC gets sucked into this tiny little void for a decent percentage of the book, and goes through the ensuing chapters by seeing ‘dreams’ alone, the author pulls it off to the point that you don’t get bored by what should be a HUGE static pause in the storyline. This is also the spot in the series where, if you’re not there already, your sucpicionemetre starts blaring like something crazed, because all those niggles you might have wondered over in the previous books begin to expand into more than an element of doubt or curiosity. You’re also left with questions that you just HAVE to have answered and so will be desperate to get your hands on that final title before your brain implodes.

Succubus Revealed. This book is FULL of OMGoodness moments. Seriously. With all the suspicions I had whirling through my head at the end of #5, I didn’t see how Mead could possibly wrap this series up without it appearing as contrite as all get out. But, by Jove, she did. Is it too much of a spoiler to state that the happy ending I’d been waiting for since Mead ripped out my heart, chewed on it like tobacco, and then spat it into the gutter, FINALLY arrived at the end of this book. Only one thing left me a little sad. Note I said sad not disappointed. But I guess I’ll just have to accept the non-answer for that. Oh, and the presence of a certain character throughout the entire series is also finally explained.

So … if you love a Big Dipper and Loop-de-Loop ride of a read with the promise of a decent outcome, then give this a go. If you’re interested in reading stuff from a writer that deserves respect simply because she has the b***s to p*** off her readers, then try it out for size. It’s on my pile of favourites that I’ll possibly return to in the future—and not many make it onto there. As usual, all book links go direct to my reviews on Goodreads for any interested in my thoughts in more depth.

My rating for this series:


Maybe you’ve read it already, have it on your TBR pile, or have heard lots about it but don’t know if it’s for you. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. OMG – you sussed it out completely – and brilliant reviews btw!!
    OK – I finished 4 & 5 because you said so – and I was not disappointed. All in all these are a roller-coaster of a ride (as you say), and they do take you from one extreme to the other – and very worthwhile reading in the long run.

    I was hooked with Mead via her Vampire Academy books, but she wrote these in between – all I can say is that Mead has a genius seldom found.

    Thanks, Julie, for your persistance!! 🙂

  2. Aww I love this series (and pretty much Richelle Mead as an author), and it’s so good, so I’m glad you liked it. I remember I started reading them from the library, but when I finished Succubus Dreams, I pretty much rushed out to the nearest bookstore to buy the next one. And I think the ending was perfect! After waiting so long to read it, because I read these a while ago, it was everything I wanted.
    Oh and VA is Vampire Academy, yead it’s young adult, but it’s still really good.

    1. I can totally understand you rushing out to buy the last book when the ending must have seemed to near. Thanks, Jess. And I’ll find time to check out VA (in 2012), too. 🙂

  3. This is my second favourite series that Richelle Mead has written after Vampire Academy.

    There were certain parts in each book that I didn’t like, not because they were poorly written or anything like, just that I wish had turned out differently and for the better (Georgina’s relationship with Maddie and Doug, for example) but I finished the final book with a feeling with absolutely contentment.

    Glad you enjoyed the series and I think VA will knock your socks off (and for the record, I have no idea why it has a YA stamp other than the main characters are teens).

  4. Yes, that’s exactly how Read left me feeling throughout GK. Your comment about VA’s YA rating is interesting, though. I’ll try and buy them in the new year. Thanks for stopping by, Wai. 🙂

  5. which series is better VA OR GK??i finished VA SERIES sooo loved it and want to give this series a try…and i dont want to get dissapointed…..shud i go for it??(sorry didnt read the reviews i want it to be a suprise….lol..)

    1. I’ve yet to give VA a go, too, sujitha, so I don’t know … yet. Most likely, I will read them at some point as I’ve heard good comments about those as well as GK. If you read them first, be sure to come back and let me know how you got on. 🙂

  6. This series was my first venture of reading Richelle Mead books since Vampire-themed book is so saturated for me so this series gives me somewhat a different take on some of the paranormal based books.

  7. I can’t get over the nyx dreams. She (the author)even went out of her way to say the same man helped her after she was attacked. By the demoness as the man who was getting out of the car.

    She changed her mind half way through and. It’s really obvious that she did not mean for Seth and her to end up the way they did or for roman to just disappear . Poor cover up.

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