INSTINCT #sixsunday

Good Sunday, everyone!

Thank you all for returning to my blog each week to read my snippets.

Once again, I shall be sharing the tale of Jem & Sean’s beginnings. Doing what Sean does best: stalking, he shadows Jem into the bank. Hope you enjoy. From Instinct:

“Following me is becoming a habit of yours.” She remained facing away and kept her voice low as though afraid of being overheard by the two other patrons.

I chuckled as I ducked my head to get closer. An inhalation produced nothing artificial. Her body enticed me without assistance.

“Maybe you should not look so appetising,” I whispered, sending my breaths across her cheek.

He’s not really one to give up, our Sean.

To be continued next week …

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  1. Really love the dialogue. As Keri said, I wish it were 16 sentence Sunday. Or 26. “Maybe you should not look so appetising…” is great! Sexy and scary all at once. Lol. Great excerpt, Julie!

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