Come one, come all, and join in the December issue of the monthly ‘what if’ game.

Rules are simple: All you have to do is read the below scenario, then imagine it is YOURSELF in there and leave a comment detailing what YOU would do.

You do NOT have to be a writer to participate. This is NOT a contest. This is purely for FUN and ALL are invited to play.

Okay? Ready?

Here’s your scenario:

You always knew there was something not quite right about the cat your aunt bought you as a house-warming gift. She’d said it was a regular ginger tabby. Never mind that it was HUGE and its hind legs held muscle mass Arnie would’ve been proud of, or the fact that its tail seemed to be running a one-man show with its constant contortionist acts. Or that its eyes were the blue of WKD. Aunt Pearl insisted it was normal. Just as she’d argued that the blasted creature was a she—despite the furry swellings that no female should have to live with.

For a while, you decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Until you swore the freaky animal smiled at you last week when you were peeling off your undies as it watched from dresser.

You’d swatted your bra in its direction, with a hissed, ‘Shoo, Blue.’

All that had earned you was a crazy-assed wink that your aunt had explained away as dust in its eye when you’d confronted her about it.

The next episode occurred in the kitchen—when you went downstairs one morning to discover the fridge open, half the contents missing, and Blue slumped on his butt looking like he’d swallowed a basketball.

‘What the hell, Blue!’ you’d yelled.

Blue had just purred.

Those were just the beginning of a whole series of events, each one of them as irritating and unnerving as the last.

Thanks to him, you’re as nervous as heck.

The call from Aunt Pearl announcing she’d set you up on a blind date left you screaming expletives at walls that couldn’t give a damn. You left the house purely to humour a woman who wouldn’t know how to give up even if she dropped dead. You even left the house wearing the little black number that usually bore results after—crazily—asking Blue’s opinion and receiving his purred response. When you walked into the restaurant and the waitress had shown you to your table, it had taken every ounce of will power not to goggle at the dude sitting at your table—a russet headed, blue eyed, hunky-as-hell dude whose gaze landed on you the instant you rounded the corner.

The evening only went uphill from there.

And after hours spent mesmerised by his extremely strong-looking hands, and his capable arms, and wondering about the strength of his thighs beneath the table, your offer of coffee has been accepted with a wink and a smile that sent your heart all aflutter.

But the closer you get to home, the tighter your body coils.

Because Blue has been less than receptive to all other ‘guests’ you’ve invited there.

The last guy left with a chewed shoe and claw marks in his shirt only to find his Audi hadn’t fared much better in the twenty minutes he managed to stick it out before Blue drove him away.

“Please let Blue behave,” you mumble under your breath as you turn the key in the door and enter your home.

“Mind if I use your bathroom?” asks your date.

You nod. “Sure. It’s at the end—”

“I know where it is,” he mutters, already climbing the stairs.

Whilst he’s gone, you do a quick scout for Blue. “Blue,” you whisper, “here, kitty, kitty.”

But he’s not in the kitchen. Not in the lounge. Even after a little ‘pss pss pss’ing’ he doesn’t race down the stairs as he usually does when you return home.

Almost catching you in the act, your hot dude reappears at the top of the stairs and you straighten from your undignified squat of checking under the sideboard. “Coffee?” you ask, and vanish in the direction of the kitchen.

By the time his feet hit the floor tiles behind you, you’ve already switched on the kettle and started spooning the granules into a couple of mugs.

You jerk when something brushes across your back, dropping the spoon with a clatter, and spin to the hunk to give him a piece of your mind for his forwardness—but as you do, he brushes over you again … with his cheek across your shoulder blade.

“Aren’t you going to stroke me?” he murmurs—and as he emits a deep rumbling purr, your entire body freezes.

Hehehehe … the floor’s yours …


7 thoughts on “THE ‘WHAT IF’ GAME! #4

  1. Phew! Crazy day…am excited to get to writin’ the ending 🙂 Fun prompt, Julie!! Funny too! Hahaha

    Comprehension smacks me in the face like a wet sock…or bra. Oh! Oh. “B-B-Blue?”
    There, sitting upright on the adjacent countertop, is my ginger tabby. Is he grinning at me? The twinkle in his blue eyes leaves me slack-jawed. “Oh…my.” The air escapes me. Tunnel vision sets in. Everything turns black.

    I open my eyes, lying in my bed and focus on the red glow of the alarm clock. After one o’clock in the morning. What the hell? Did I fall asleep? I lift my head while a string of drool connects my lip to my pillow. I wipe my mouth and attempt to pull myself out of the confusion. I’m wearing my favorite pair of sweats; the ones Aunt Pearl swore she’d toss if she caught me wearing them again. I sit up, clutching the back of my head. “Ouch.”
    Beside me, Blue finishes licking his paws then cocks his head, as if to ask how I’m doing. Wait. How the hell? My date…the coffee…Blue? With a frown, I stare at my suddenly mute cat.
    “Did you…” I trail off, shaking my head. “No absolutely not,” I say, throwing my feet over the edge of the bed. I rise and make my way toward the kitchen, still chattering to myself all the way there. “Because that would make me crazy. And I’m not crazy.” I drag my head down my face. “It was just a dream. Plain and simp – “ My words are cut off upon spotting the spoon on the floor and the granules of coffee scattered about the countertop. I exhale the breath I’d been holding. Shit.
    Pivoting on my heel, I turn to face Blue, who sits with that curious cock to his head again. “Alright dammit. Talk. C’mon. Show yourself. Let’s see it, cat.”
    We stare at each other. Minutes pass. I huff, stomp toward my bedroom and fumble through my purse for my cellphone. “That’s it. You’ve messed with the wrong woman, kitty…” I mutter all the while. I swivel around with the phone in hand. Of course you followed me into my bedroom. “You see this? Huh? Well, guess what my fancy little feline? Ol’ miss Chapman’s got her eye on you. Oh yes! Crazy cat lady from Zumba class damn near swooned over that picture I snapped of you on my phone last week. So unless you want to be nuzzling her bunions tonight,” I shiver, “I suggest you start talking.”
    Blue jerks forward with his mouth agape, making the same contorted face as he does when a hairball is about to be hacked up. He shudders then straightens.
    “That’s what I thought,” I say, crossing my arms over my chest. But I find myself awestruck a second time as his body seizes and begins to elongate. Before I can say ‘poof’, a perfectly chiseled naked man is standing before me, with biceps that beg to be fondled. It’s my hunky date staring back at me. I stumble backward, knocking into my nightstand. He lurches forward. That tunnel vision sets in again. “What the hell are you?” I ask.
    A wicked grin skates across his face. “You see? This is why I never told you, love. You’re trembling.”
    “I’m so not trembling,” I say and notice I’m trembling. “Just answer the damn question. And grab a robe while you’re at it.” I gesture toward my closet. “I’m pretty sure you know where to find one.”
    He steps toward me. “I’m comfortable.”
    “I’m not.” My eyes glance down at his package and widen.
    “I’m a shifter.”
    “Shifter? What does this mean?”
    “It means I can change into any animal I wish.”
    “So…why me? Why a friggin cat? And can you at least wrap a towel around your lower half?” I gulp, desperate to keep my eyes from wandering.
    “Because Trina, shifters only mate with their kind. And…you are my mate.”
    “Excuse me? Come again?”
    “You’re a shifter. Unfortunately, since your parents passed away, you’ve been sheltered from what lies deep within you. It’s just itching to be released, I’ll bet.” His leer makes my heart skip. “I approached your Aunt Pearl a while back and told her all about our kind. She freaked out a little. But I can be very persuasive to humans.” There’s a twinkle in his eyes again. I divert mine toward the floor. “She wanted to break the news to you, but thought you’d feel betrayed.”
    “Um. Ya think? The woman’s raised me my whole life and never spoke a word of this.”
    “Can you blame her?” He chuckles.
    I scowl. “I’m not a shifter. I’m insane, apparently. So why don’t you just turn yourself into a cockroach and scuttle your way right out the front door while I wait for the crazy wagon to come pick me up.”
    He laughs then reaches out for my hand. “Come, Trina. Let’s see what my sexy little kitten is capable of.”

  2. “WTF?!?” I yell, pushing him away. “Stroke you? We haven’t even had coffee yet and here you are trying to get me into bed! This is why dating doesn’t work for me. And, ummm, was that a purr?”
    He stood there calmly, watching me, not saying a word. His little smirk serving to infuriate me further.
    “Ok, that’s it. We are done! I don’t care how cute you are, this date is officially over” I screeched at him. I marched over to him, grabbed him by the arm with the intention of marching him right out my front door. But as I pulled, he didn’t move an inch. Instead he twisted his arm and pulled, dragging me against him. His chest warm against my back, his arms wrapped around me, he buried his nose in my hair and took a deep breath. And had the audacity to purr again
    “I love the way you smell, ” his breath tickled my ear as I squirmed against him. “I dream of your scent. When you go to work every day, I roll around in your bed to surround my self with it. Being your cat is very hard on a man.”
    I froze, again. He just said he was my cat. This guy was nuts! I started to struggle against him in earnest. He only tightened his arms. I opened my mouth to scream but he slid his palm over my mouth.
    “I’m not going to hurt you, silly girl. I’m only trying to tell you who I am.” He was so warm and solid around me. His deep voice slightly mesmerizing as he whispered in my ear. I knew I shouldn’t just stand there, but I continued to do nothing.
    “Here. If you promise to behave, I’ll show you.” I nodded my head at his question. Yeah I’d behave alright. Right after I called 911! He slowly removed his hands, leaving me standing there alone as he backed away. I blew out a deep breath, preparing to take off running, when I heard another sound that stopped me in my tracks. A meow.
    “Blue!” I yelled turning to grab him. Rescue cat, then escape, idiot. What a terrible pet owner I am, I thought to myself as I spun to save the cat from my crazy man of a date.
    There was Blue. Sitting inside a pile of my date’s clothes. And my date was gone.There was no way he could have stripped and disappeared that fast, buy I decide not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
    “Come, Blue” I say as I reach down for him.
    A faint light shines from all around him. He grows larger before my eyes. It takes only seconds. By the time my hands were where Blue had been, I had ended up bent down at penis level to my extremely naked crazy date.
    “Ah, love, I thought you would never ask,” He reaches down to pull me up at the same time I start to throw myself backwards. We end up in a heap on my kitchen floor, I’m on bottom of course.
    He feels so good on top of me. Hard and muscular and naked. And he smelled good too. Didn’t hurt he was amazingly handsome. The cat thing, a whole nother story. I opened my mouth to protest. To argue, to defend my self and my sanity. To do anything but stare stupidly at beautiful eyes while I lost my damn mind!
    Instead of letting me speak, he kissed me. And it was a hell of a kiss. Scorching, intense, sexy, bone melting and looooong. After he pulled away, I lay there blinking at him. He smiled at me, then rose to his feet gracefully. He scooped my up and carried me(yes thats right, I said carried) to the bed.
    The next morning, reality hit as soon as I cracked an eyelid. I jumped out of bed, naked of course. and spun to find my date lounging in the bed, watching me carefully. As he flicked his tail back and forth!
    “Oh hell no! No more cat hair in my bed, Blue. Or whatever your name is. I don’t care if we are both nuts. If you are in my bed, its as a man!” He sauntered off the bed and went to the door. He looked back at me as he left for the kitchen. And winked.

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