Good Sunday, everyone!

Thank you all for returning to my blog each week to read my snippets.

I’m quite excited this week because today is the first day I make the story switch. After weeks of sharing Marked (from Into the Unknown) with you all, I’m now ready to share snippets from my soon-to-be-released novella: Instinct. Told from Sean Holloway’s POV, this tale takes readers way back to the beginning, back to when Sean very first met Jem. I hope you enjoy.

“There are tales told of you, Mr Holloway.”

My lips twitched. “Good ones, I hope.”

“All bad, if the truth be told.”

I gave a quiet laugh. “Then you have not been given the stories in their entirety.”

Um … yeah, nothing quite like having tickets on yourself, Seanie, eh?

To be continued next week …

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17 thoughts on “SELF-CONFIDENT … OR DOWNRIGHT COCKY? #sixsunday

  1. Ok, forget the six for a second because I’m still giggling at your slightly revised profile picture. Who needs snow if you have a Santa beard.

    Now, to Instinct’s 6. I’m a big fan of sly, my dear, and that you have given me from both Jem and Sean. Well done.

  2. Sean tries to redeem his reputation rather than own up to it? Gotta love that sly attitude. I like Gem’s voice here, too! Great six, Julie!

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