Now you may recall on November 1st, I announced the head-to-head challenge between two great writers: Jocelyn Adams and Emi Gayle (Aimee’s Laine’s YA double). Well, now the time has arrived to let you know how they fared.

First off, let me say, that these are two of the scariest contenders on the face of the planet. I watched them during the kick off. Their words counts shooting higher. The mature (*snort*) banter between them on Twitter … in fact, whaddayaknow? I just happen to have a few samples of said banter:

Um … like I said: scariest (and mature) contenders ever.

Anyway, a little over two weeks after NaNoWriMo began (the motivator for the challenge), Jocelyn sent me her 50k words to verify, announcing herself finished.

As judge, it was my duty (*snort*) to check the word count. I also had to ensure she hadn’t sent me a bunch of sloppy c***.

It turns out she hadn’t.

On the maturity level of our two contender’s: I had a sneak preview at Jocelyn’s Adams stories waaaaaaaaaaaay before they’ll be released and you’ll all get to see them, nu-nu-nu-nuuuuh-nuh!

So … without further ado, I hereby announce the winner of the second official Judge Julie contest:


I am pretty certain if you hop on over to Jo’s blog today, you shall get to read her post of gloatsomeness. Just as, if you pop over to Aimee’s (or Emi’s), you shall see her post where (as the rules state) she bows down to Jo’s awesomeness and blarts a little over the fact she now owes Jo a bar of chocolate she could well have been eating herself.

Should I take this moment to mention that Aimee is a little miffed (due to being on a cruise for the 2nd week of the challenge that caused her to vomit everything but words) and is already hinting at a further challenge between the deadly duo? So look out for more Judge Julie’s in the future.

In the meantime, join me in offering cheers and commiserations.

Wheeeeeee! Congrats, Jocelyn.



  1. Woo hoo! Oh yes, there will be another match. And another. And another … how the heck else am I going to get all of these novels out of my head and onto paper? πŸ™‚

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