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Anyone who has been following knows that Sean Holloway has been secretly shopping for something secret. This week? His big brother Ethan thinks he’s found the solution. From Marked, in the Into the Unknown anthology due out December 1st:

Beneath the harsh glare of supermarket strip lights, Ethan waved a packet beneath my nose. I dragged my focus from the crinkly plastic and gave him my disbelief full force. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No.” He rustled the packaging in front of my eyes. “Come on, admit it—it’s genius.”

Ethan–so full of his own worth, hehehe.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing in my Marked samples. Alas, this is the last week I shall be sharing them. Not because I’m stepping down from 6SS, though–but because, starting next week, I shall be sharing sentences from Instinct–a Sean Holloway novella. So if you’ve enjoyed this tale of his, please come back to share in another one.

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23 thoughts on “MARKED {INTO THE UNKNOWN} #sixsunday

  1. Hahaha, the supermarket? My first thought is a prime cut of beef, lol, but since she already has Sean, the choicest piece out there, well, I’m stumped. And will be returning next week to see if you reveal any more 😀 nice six, lady!


    1. Sean most certainly is the choicest piece. Though some might argue that Ethan is. 😉 And this is your last snippet from this tale this week, as it’s due out on the 1st. 🙂

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