Yesterday was the 15th, making it halfway through the month of NaNo. Who’d have thought it would pass so fast?

Admittedly, when I signed up for NaNo, I mentally questioned my ability to complete it. Not because I hadn’t time, but because I’ve been through lots of writing lulls this year as a result of having to deal with many (quite stressful) changes in my home life. However, I signed up anyway and decided ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’—because I know how determined I can be when given a rough enough push.

All I can say is ‘THANK YOU!’ to all the good folk who have been encouraging me forward in my word count. Thanks to all who have written alongside me during this task. Without you all to push and shove, and push and poke (or whip, in Jocelyn Adams’s case *stare*), there’s a possibility I’d still be flailing around somewhere in week 1.

So … how am doing?

Well, after falling miserably behind in the first three days due to illness, I spent the 4th, 5th & 6th day catching up. But then when back on track (or slightly ahead, if I want to be pedantic), I fell ill with a couple of infections—one of them in my throat that led to a s***load of ulcers popping up over my mouth and tongue, which meant it was too painful to eat enough food to fuel my brain … so I felt permanently weary for around week 2.

However, even through that, I forced myself to write.

Even if only the minimum.

Because I’d had a taste of being on track, AND of being ahead, and I had no intention of straying from the path of greatness again.

So … what do I hope to achieve with all this rushed writing whilst ill?

Rushed writing? Phahahahaha.

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I do not write fast even when trying so to believe I am rushing through what I write for NaNo is a moot concern.

Just as anyone who knows me knows that no way on earth can I wake up in the morning and move onto the next spot of writing without painstakingly proofreading and (if need be) editing every darn word I wrote the day before.

PLUS, I am at my laptop from around 9am until 10pm, so trust me: there is no risk of rushing to slam out 1667 (requisite daily amount to finish NaNo by month end).

More seriously, I had a list of projects I hoped to work my way through with the hope of achieving closure on as many as possible.

Top of my list was Caged (A Holloway Pack Story #3). This book contains a lot of stuff people have shown interest in seeing in the HP future—that it was 85% written before that feedback was received and I’d already included it helped a LOT.

And for those of you who are interested in the future novels of this series, you can relax a little longer because I officially announce this sucker FINISHED!

After it driving me crazy the entire year through, I have reached a point where I can close the document, put the MC to rest for a while, and wait to send it off to my editor. This beauty is (in my opinion) good to go!

And now I’m working on Eternal: A Holloway Pack Prequel. This one was more difficult. Because I knew the opening. I knew the ending. However, there needed to be conflict and I hadn’t got as far as figuring out what, why, how, where, and who—nor how we’d resolve it. When I finally figured it out, my fingers moved a little faster, and I deem to have this one wrapped up in a day or two.

So, with 14 days left to go, my NaNo word count is: 25,124 (ALL HAIL MY NANO WORD COUNT WIDGET OVER IN YONDER SIDEBAR!>>).

All in all, this bunny is a pretty happy one.

How about you? How’s your NaNo’ing going so far?


p.s. The cheerleading is still very much required and appreciated. 😉



  1. *harps play and choirs sing while I bow down to your word count widget!* hehehe!

    I am so excited to hear that you’ve finished CAGED! 😀 😀 😀

    And I can soooo totally relate to going back and re-reading (and -gasp!- editing) prior passages. That’s been one difficult habit for me to break. But! I give myself a -kee-yahhh!- in the keister and make myself move forward. Begrudgingly, LOL!

    WOO HOO to YOU! Go Julie! Go Julie! 😎

  2. *Cheers* *hip-hip-hoorah* *winks* *hugs* *smiles* *screams yeah!!*
    and any other thing you may wish.

    Well done, Julie! Congratulations!!

    OK…sorry…a bit OTT…but I’m so pleased you have achieved so much (even whilst ill) !!


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