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If you recall last week, I left you with a snippet that showed you Sean in trouble with Jem and her reaction to his secret antics and sneaking around. This week’s sample from Marked (due out in the Into the Unknown anthology on December 1st) shows Sean’s botched attempt at dealing with Jem’s confrontation.

Here you all go; hope you enjoy (NB: bold denotes italics):

The crush of my lips swallowed her words as my groan of frustration spilled up from my throat. “It is not you, Jem.” My whispered words merged with her breaths as her sapphire pools shone before me. “It’s not you. It’s me.”

She gave a quiet gasp, drowned out by the sudden pound of her heart, and a rogue tear weaved through her lashes, escaping onto her cheek before she closed her eyes.

Um … yeah, not the best thing in the world to say to your female, Sean.

To be continued next week …

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