Come one, come all, and join in the November issue of the monthly ‘what if’ game.

Rules are simple: All you have to do is read the below scenario, then imagine it is YOURSELF in there and leave a comment detailing what YOU would do.

You do NOT have to be a writer to participate. This is NOT a contest. This is purely for FUN and ALL are invited to play.

Okay? Ready?

Here’s your scenario:

You’re fifteen (again). You’re in senior (high) school. And Angela Blacksmith is annoying the crap out of you. It’s not enough that she spent the entire Math lesson drawing pictures of you with rats on your head and their tails hanging down as your hair. It’s not enough that she stood side by side with Bethany (Beefcake) Morris and Mel Cambry outside the toilet cubicle you used and created a human barricade that made you late for Biology. It’s not enough that she stole a cod fillet from the school kitchen and planted it in your locker, which she expertly broke into using her sharp-as-all-get-out nail file.

No … she had to go and trip you over, too—just as Carlton (Sweetcheeks) Monroe happened to be walking along the same corridor and smiling at you for the first time since second year when he let you share his cookie at the lunch table.

So now you’re mad. Real mad. You lift your face, from where it’s squidged against the tile, to a hoard of laughter and mocking expressions.

Right there, at the forefront, pointing her polished nail at you is the little [insert choice word] responsible.

Your teeth are grit. Your mind is blazing. You know you shouldn’t let yourself get mad. You know you should rein it in. Especially after what happened to your little brother last week when you caught him showing your underwear to his friends. But you just can’t help yourself.

Before you know it, your hands are free, you’re pointing your fingers right at Angela and, with a mumbled curse beneath your breath, you let fly a stream of ….

What? What exactly have you recently discovered you’re capable of?

Feel free to create your own ‘what-if’ scenarios for people to participate in. Simply tag them as #whatifgame on Twitter and ensure they’re posted the first Monday of every month.