A challenge is afoot!

As I blogged on 26th October, the entire month of November is dedicated to NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month) for many, many writers across the globe.

Y’all already know I’m participating (just as I did last year).

What you don’t know is the head-to-head battle that is about to take place between two amazing authors.

Emi Gayle                                                   V                                    Jocelyn Adams

Yes, they are using NaNo as an excuse to race each other to the finish—just as happened back in July.

But this time?

There’s a twist!

Each of them are accepting challenge words to make their tasks more difficult. Earlier this year, Emi Gayle (YA-writing-alter-ego of Aimee Laine, author of Little White Lies) wrote a YA novel, titled After Dark. During that 1st draft, I sent her daily challenges for stuff she had to work into her novel—be it a singular word, a phrase, an entire sentence.

And trust me, some of the stuff I sent her was pretty whacky!

So, as she is writing the sequel to After Dark for NaNo: Day After, she decided it just wouldn’t be the same without those challenges to drive her nuts help her along the way.

And, to make the challenge fair, Jocelyn Adams (author of the amazing novel: The Glass Man) has agreed to receive the same challenges during her writing of Road to Salvation, the novel she is currently writing.

I’m sure they will both appreciate VERY much (muhahahahaha) if you visited their blogs (or catch them on Twitter) and offered up a challenge or two of your own.

I am so evil. *Snicker*

Hold on a second, not so fast. Just as I did last time, I have writtern some ground rules, which MUST be adhered to for the winner to claim the title.

They are as follows:

1)       The author canNOT write garbage. Each and every word must be relevant. No waffling (who d’you think you are? Me?)!

2)       You may each use whatever distraction techniques you deem necessary to give yourselves an advantage.

3)       You may toss complains my way about your challenger’s stalling methods, but you may NOT ask me to step in and mediate on them. I fully intend to remain impartial.

4)       Once you have passed the requisite (of NaNo) 50k mark, you will send the article to me via e-mail. I will check the word count, and I will also skim through to validate that you haven’t written garbage (chortle).

5)       Whoever sends me their 50k first AND has me declare it a worthy product will be announced the winner!

6)       The winner will get to revel in their greatness in whatever way they choose.

7)       The loser will be expected to a) write a blog post bowing to the brilliance of the winner, and b) send chocolate (weighing no less than 100grams) to the winner.

And on that note … MAY THE GAMES COMMENCE!

To the death, ladies … to the death.

What about you? You come up with any ideas to kick start your rears into action for NaNo?