Good Sunday, everyone!

How lovely it is to see you all here again–and welcome to any visitors new to my blog.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve made it well known to you all that Sean Holloway has been ‘shopping’ for a certain something. Yes, I gathered you rather wanted to know what that was, but alas, I’m simply not that generous. Though this week’s sample does come from Marked, my short story due out in the Into the Unknown anthology on December 1st.

Here you all go; hope you enjoy (NB: bold denotes italics):

My nostrils twitched in my conscious effort to dissect surrounding scents and filter unwelcome ones. Because of that, the earthy waft almost went undetected.

I twisted round a little as I drew in a larger sample, my eyes narrowing when I identified it as familiar as I’d initially thought.

I should have known Dad would set a tail on me.


I figured I had until nightfall, at best, before my secret plans would no longer be secret.

Yup, yup … Sean Holloway is definitely up to something.

To be continued next week …

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  1. I wanted to growl at the end of this snippet, growl in frustration for leaving me hanging! lol! It’s fun seeing the world through Sean’s eyes/senses. Nice Six πŸ˜€

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